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Archived: 2014-17 Post Grad/Trainee Congratulations


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The time is here! While it's still early for Trainees, conferences are beginning for current Ballet Company members. We want to celebrate, congratulate and share in the joy of our parents, dancers and even teachers who have students reaching the goals of one of the following: Post Grad Program or Trainee program at a Company related school

The purpose of this thread is to congratulate those who have accepted a position at a Post Grad Dance program for further study or a Trainee program that is professional school related for further study.

We ask that our Trainee/2nd company auditionees wait to share until they have made a FINAL decision where they are going. We do not want this thread to become a string of acceptances and scholarship information. We want to celebrate your transition into the professional world and that includes your decision on an actual offer to take. Teachers, please have permission of your parent/dancer to post.

In prior years, this thread has not only been used to celebrate, but also to track, confirm and debunk some of the "beliefs" out there about who and how contracts are received. So we do ask that you share a bit about your journey without too many specifics. This helps our younger members see the wide variety of training, acceptances, etc. that come from our membership. We understand that we are but a very small segment of the ballet world here at BTFD, but over time, we've learned that we can see trends within our membership.

Feel free to either write the information in paragraph form or use the guideline we've developed over time.

So as coined by one of our members, Let the "Contractuballetions" begin:

(Sample form)
Main/Most recent training
: (ex. small local school, small company affiliated school, residency, etc. Do not list the program unless you want to)
Level of school completed: high school grad, partial college, college grad
Audition method: SI audition, Company Class, Cattle Call, Video, YAGP, etc.
Position granted: Secured Trainee position as school, Trainee as company, Apprentice with pay or without, Corp, Soloist, etc.
Position process/progress: promoted from Trainee, promoted from Apprentice, from "outside", 2nd year in same position, etc.
If Trainee: School Trainee, Bridge Trainee or if 2nd company does it function as school/company
Location of company: US, Canada, Europe, etc., not the actual city or company itself unless you'd like to share
Was this contract offered at a competition or because of competition attendance? Yes/No, explain if necessary

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So, DD has figured out what she wants to do next year. She decided to accept one of the college offers and defer attending for a year in order to become a trainee at a small regional company's school.


Gender: Female

Main/Most recent training: I'd describe it as a small school within a traditional academic program and residency, but perhaps less well known than others in the residential category.

Level of school completed: High school grad (by end of May of this year).

Audition method: Company Class/ Cattle Call, + Video.

Position granted: "Voluntary Trainee" position within a small regional company "on full-time scholarship for both professional and school classes" .

Position process/progress: From "outside".

If Trainee: School Trainee without pay, and no tuition fees; as far as I can tell, trainees are one level down from company- apprentices don't seem to be named publicly and there is no second company; they are invited to attend company rehearsals and learn parts alongside the company; take a.m. class together and with company, but strongly encouraged to take evening classes with the school if not rehearsing; as an 'ensemble' company, everyone, including trainees, may be considered for any part; receive performance shoes, no pay, but compensation for outreach appearances. Used to be about 24 company dancers and 15 or so trainees, but recent press reports say that they are expanding the trainee program.

Location of company: US.

Was this contract offered at a competition or because of competition attendance? No.


Thanks to all here who helped dd on this path thus far.

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Congratulations Loves Labor to you and yours. I'm sure you are both excited for the next step in her journey. I've opened a new discussion since your post was so informational and is good information to share. It can be found here: The Journey Unfolds

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Gender: Female

Main/Most recent training: Small, local, nonprofit preprofessional ballet school
Level of school completed: high school grad (well on May 30th she will will be)
Audition method: Video audition sent, invitation to attend trainee class taught by the artistic director, acceptance was given at the end of class.
Position granted: Trainee position (2 year offer)
Position process/progress: from "outside" - never attended their summer program - offer was not contingent on her attending the summer program but she will be attending a portion of the program.
If Trainee: Bridge trainee (?) - there is no second company, trainees take classes several times a week with the company and also participate in all rehearsals by either performing a role or understudying.
Location of company: US
Was this contract offered at a competition or because of competition attendance? No

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Congratulations mamasokol to you and yours! Such exciting news for both you and loveslabor along with your dancers.

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Yes, congratulations, Mamasokol! Sounds like a similar program to the one my dd will be joining.

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Congratulations to you and your dancers LovesLabor and Mamaskol! :clapping:

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Happy to hear your good news, LovesLabor & Mamaskol! Congratulations!

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Gender: female

Main/most recent training: Full-time, high school residency program (1 year); company affiliated school (since age 8)

Level of school completed: HS, as of last month

Audition method: Open company audition

Position granted: Apprentice (great benefits and minimal compensation; company entry level)

Position progress/process: Granted a generous tuition scholarship for SI with an invitation from AD, contract offer received during program

If Trainee: N/A

Location of company: US

Was this contract offered at a competition or because of competition attendance: No, she has never participated in any dance competition.

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Congratulations emidrew! Such good news for you and your dancer!

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Wow emidrew! Congratulations to you and your daughter!!! :flowers:

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