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Archived: 2014-17 Post Grad/Trainee Congratulations


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Guest watermelonsugar

Wow, congratulations emidrew, mamasokol and loves labor! Best wishes to your dancers on the next part of the journey.

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Excited that DD has made her decision for next year. Big sigh of relief and diving into the next stage!

Gender: female

Main/Most recent training: company-affiliated school (1 year), small school before that

Level of school completed: high school grad

Audition method: video

Position granted: Trainee with school

Position process/progress: awarded Trainee from outside

If Trainee: School Trainee

Location of company: US

Was this contract offered at a competition or because of competition attendance? No

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Congratulations, JMM! It feels great when the decision is finally made, doesn't it? Enjoy the rest of the summer and big congratulations to you and your DD.

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Congratulations, JMM!


Doesn't it feel wonderful to know DD has "leveled up"?


Personally, I love that her offer came through a video audition. So often if feels like video auditions are no more than shouting in the wind, it is lovely to see someone who made it work.

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Just bumping this up in case the end of SI season is netting our members/dancers any good news!

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DS finished training in Amsterdam in the HBO NBA programme and ended up with a degree in dance as well - which is a very nice extra!


He has come home and is in the process of signing the contract with the national ballet company in our country - not a big company but we are very excited for him to be dancing professionally and it will be lovely to be able to see him perform

Gender: male

Main/Most recent training: European post high school training - 2 years.

Level of school completed: 2 years post high school - degree in dance

Audition method: company class

Position granted: Company member

Position process/progress:

If Trainee:

Location of company: his own country

Was this contract offered at a competition or because of competition attendance? No


I would like to add that he spent a good six months auditioning in Europe and beyond (while still attending NBA) and though he received a lot of positive feed back, not many offers. His take on auditioning is that it was his first year and he had a lot to learn regarding the audition process . He was convinced he was a good fit for some places where he didn't get an offer and was surprised to get an offer from other places. The best of luck to everyone still auditioning.

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Huge congratulations to both you and your son Immashel :clapping:. Thrilled that he has a position after a long journey and also that you will see be able to see him perform regularly.

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Thanks - good luck to every one else looking for a position - it isn't easy!!!

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Congratulations Immashel!

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Gender: Female

Main/Most recent training: Pre-professional company-affiliated residency program (2 years), small local ballet school for all training prior
Level of school completed: just graduated high school
Audition method: The first stage was an audition video, after which I was invited for a full-day, in-person audition with classes and rehearsals
Position granted: Trainee with small regional company
Position process/progress: from "outside"
If Trainee: Bridge Trainee; extremely low tuition, and trainee members perform and rehearse alongside company members (with separate classes and more focus on training)
Location of company: US
Was this contract offered at a competition or because of competition attendance? No

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Congratulations to you and yours Ballet.bunny and to all who have received good news this season!

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