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Is it too late?


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Is it possible to become professional in ballet when im already 18? Im not talking about being a principal dancer, althou that would be great. I just want to perform maby. Ive been told that I have a ballerina body by MANY people. Im not the most flexible person but Im working on it. I have been dancing since I was 9 but never sticked to anything for long for one reason or another. I loved doing all of it but had to quit it all. Now finaly I have a chance to take ballet classes at a my cities profesional school. It is one of the best in the nation. They are adult open division classes. So my question is is it possible to go somewhere if I work realy hard? and what are your stories with starting late and where did you get with it? I loved ballet my entire life but could never do it due to not finding any school for my age and family problems. I couldn't start young because I lived in a country where ballet isn't well known at all. please tell me whatever you can! I would like answeres mainly from people my age or older! not younger and people under adult topic. :ermm:

*Im starting classes this week and probobly 2 per week about hour and half per class. If it goes well Im going to take more classes but I want to test out the school more. I also do yoga and kickboxing and am going to start pilates. I know it may not sound like I dont have any experiance and I know that it takes about 3 years of ballet to start point but im not completely inexperianced. I have strong legs and ankles and feet which. I want to work hard to get to the level that people my age are at now. It seems imposible but I practice every day and strech every day. The school that I will be going to is a company school. If i get good ill try and adition for they profesional program. I know a lot about dancing and my body is very used to it which is why i dont think that I need those 3 years to start pointe, maby a year. Ive been told that Im a natural and I dont mean to be snobby Im just trying to explain my situation. Also the latest dancing that I have done had a lot of contemporary and ballet incorporated and I performed many times. I was just wondering what is and isnt posible for me if i work hard?*

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Daisywolf, we do not allow duplicate posting of the same topic on a differerent forum. I suggested that you READ the Adult students forum to learn some of the experiences that you are seeking to hear about. Your question has been asked and answered on the YD forum. This topic is closed. Please do not post it again.

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