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Movies: High Strung

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Anyone seen it yet?


High Strung

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Well, I just watched the trailer and it really looks good - in a "Step Up with more ballet" kind of way so I see why so much of the promo is geared toward competition studios!

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It says this movie was released April 8th. I can't find it anywhere. Is there a list of showings/cities somewhere?

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It was listed on Fandango when I posted it but I did not go to see it.

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It was shown in our metro area last weekend in two theaters - opposite ends of the metro area. We did not make it, and this weekend I did not see it anywhere. The dancing on the trailer looked really decent. : (

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We rented the movie OnDemand on TimeWarnerCable this past weekend. It was cute, but a very simple plot. Keenan Kampa looked great dancing as did all the street dancers.

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We rented it last night. I thought it was pretty awful actually. Not in an inappropriate way, just pretty bad acting, very simple predictable plot. What they showed as the contemporary dance class was like no contemporary class I've seen. Kind of a hip hop/jazz fusion maybe. The street dancing was not good - good dancers, bad choreography. The last dance that Keenan did - well, all her dancing actually, was lovely. And the music was nice.

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These reviews are disappointing. We thought the trailer suggested it was more promising.

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I saw it with my 14-yr-old DD and her friend in the movie theater. We were the only ones in there. Granted, my expectations were not very high given the lack of publicity, limited release, and the fact that it was a dance movie, but I enjoyed it as cute entertainment aimed at a younger audience and thought the dancing and the music were good. Yes it was predictable and not realistic but I didn't think it was awful. My girls didn't come out complaining about anyone's technique and they liked it, though they didn't really understand how old the characters were supposed to be or whether schools like that actually exist. But it's kind of like when I watched the show Bunheads and the summer intensive audition scenes weren't anything like what my daughter actually experienced but I still enjoyed the show. It was definitely a much more pleasant afternoon spent than when I endured Daddy's Home or Zoolander 2. :wink:

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I just watched this. This is terrific if you don't care about the movie part of it. The violin and dance -- especially Keenan Kampa in class and on stage -- are breathtaking.

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I agree with Mousling. We just caught this movie on Netflix streaming and were very pleasantly surprised by the excellent dancing. (I actually really liked the hip-hop, too. Thought the dancers and choreography were much better than most other dance movies. Best mix of hip-hop and ballet I've ever seen.) The plot was pretty cheesey but tolerable, but Keenan Kampa is a decent actress--and amazing ballet dancer. I had never seen or heard of her before, but she is truly amazing to watch. Ignore the plot. Enjoy the music and dance. :)

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