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Joffrey Ballet - New Christopher Wheeldon Nutcracker

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Looks like Joffrey will be getting quite the production:




Details were announced this week at a press conference. Can't wait to see Wheeldon's spin on Nutcracker, as much as I have always enjoyed Robert Joffrey's Nutcracker.

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Joffrey will be live streaming rehearsal for the new Nutcracker Sep 8 from 11:30 -1:30pm CST. They did this with Wheeldon's Swan Lake a few yrs ago and it was fun to watch. Check out the website for more info joffrey.org/livestream

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Best of luck to your DD. My DD said it was really crowded for her group, so we are keeping our fingers crossed. We have no idea what to expect this year, where as last year you had an idea of what roles you were up for. Regardless, she had fun and from what she has said, Chicago is in for an amazing production!


I watched the live stream and they had a very cool looking snow rehearsal, along with some partnering of Marie with Drosselmeyer's nephew (in this case his name is Hans Peter). They also had some narrative from Christoper Wheeldon and Ashley Wheater. The story takes place prior to the 1893 World's fair. Marie and her family are poor workers during Christmas time getting ready for the Fair to open in the spring. Drosseylmeyer is a "Daniel Burnham" type character (master planner for the fair) in which he visits the workers to give them presents and bonuses for Christmas. Second act is Marie's fantasy.


Marie and Hans Peter are played by a company dancers. They do a lot of partner work during the snow scene and in the waltz of the flowers. Kids roles are: poor/rich kids, Fritz, rats, soldiers, snow babies, Chinese dragon, nutcrackers, and walnuts.


Can't wait to see how this comes together even if DD is not selected.

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