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Foot care/baths/spas


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Does anyone have any recommendations for foot baths/spas? My daughter will be attending her first summer intensive this year, and I thought it might be a good idea to have her pack something that could help soothe her feet, since it will be her first time dancing for about 5 hours a day.


Any other foot care advice would be appreciated as well.


Thank you!

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My daughter loves the Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt Soaking Solution that also has lavender in it. She has a little portable foot bath and just fills it up with water and the epsom salt and she's good - sometimes she'll put ice in it, depending on how sore her feet are. Then she will follow it up with a peppermint lotion. I'm glad you mentioned the SI because I didn't even think about making sure she has some with her this summer, I just added it to our shopping/packing list.

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If space is a limitation, get a couple of those aluminum roasting pans (the big ones), pack Epsom salts. She can get cold water or hot water from the tap and voila, she has a soaking pan. Add Epsom salts and/or ice and she's good to go! and .... she can throw away the pans when packing to come home!

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Sally's will also have inflatable foot soaks in the nail section.

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The one my daughter has is inflatable and it has been surprisingly sturdy. I like the roasting pan idea too - creative!

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If possible, I would suggest that if your DD is flying to her intensive that you either ship Epsom salts via USPS or purchase them once she is there. DD has twice now had her luggage searched by TSA due to bags of Epsom salts she had packed for intensives. Apparently, there is a big market for the synthetic (and illegal) drug version of "bath salts."

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It used to be ice every night for me!!! I used to ice my feet at the end of the day and it made a huge difference. Living in Chicago in the winter I used to just use water straight out of the tab as it was basically ice cold anyway!! In summer I would use tap water, put feet in and then add a few ice packs. Easy as they are reusable. Putting feet in first then adding ice packs in more pleasant than the other way around!

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We used a small dishpan with ice water and epsom salts, or hot water if it's a toenail situation. The dishpan doubles as storage for foot care stuff when not in use. My kid has small feet, but I think it would work even for me.

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The other great container is those sponge bath basins that patients are given in hospitals. If you happen to have one that was brought home, it's perfect and doesn't bend out of shape like the roaster pans!

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My dd12 is another big believer in the power of Epsom salt baths! Disposable roasting pans may the best idea I've ever heard.

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We use a small plastic storage tub (like the kind to put shoes in) - pack the toiletries in it for travel, then empty it for soaking. A plastic bucket from the cleaning aisle of the grocery store also works well and you won't feel badly about leaving it behind if you need to. Both DD and I both like ice and Epsom salts.

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