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Okay, how thin?


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I just heard from one of the teachers that I am friendly with at my DK's school that the AD was commenting on how some of the older senior girls could stand to lose a few pounds. I don't see which pounds they can lose because they all look pretty thin. My DKs are still young (and one is a boy), and are in good shape so they are not under this scrutiny yet. But as a newbie ignorant dance mom, I would like to know how thin should dancers be? What is the norm? And at what age do you even start "watching" out?

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nynydancer, we cannot tell you that. It depends way too much on the body structure as a whole, including height of course, but also bone and muscle structure. It all comes down to what the body looks like, not a number on a scale. This is not a subject we can discuss. Sorry.

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