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Nearly 40 percent of Pa. Ballet dancers leave or are let go


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Oh, dear. I know we have some members on this board who have children dancing there. Sending them hugs. Even if their dks aren't leaving, they will have friends who are affected.

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My sentiments exactly. I hope that all our members kids continue to do well there. Many hugs! This type thing is always tough. Not only are the dancers affected who were either asked to leave or are doing so on their own, but the friends left behind can sometimes have guilt that they could stay while also having fear of being next. Even those who received a job in change can have a hard time being excited about their success when knowing it comes at the demise of someone else. This ballet thing can be very tough.


Here's to hoping from here on out everyone is able move forward or on in such a way that they can find peace on their own terms.

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I echo your sentiments Momof3 and swanchat. It's hard enough.....and I think it hurts us all a little when this happens.

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Very happy to see that Lauren Fadeley is moving over to Miami City Ballet as a soloist. Lourdes Lopez is doing great things with MCB; looking forward to Fadeley being part of that.

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