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Large, muscular "middle" body (butt and thighs), but slim uppe


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I have been dancing for twelve years (I'm almost 16), and at about age 13-14 I began to notice that my thighs and butt were larger than the rest of my body. I am mostly self-conscious about my butt because in arabesque it looks really weird and it completely messes up my line. It also makes it more difficult to place my leg directly behind me. I feel like I look really disproportionate because my upper body is so small, not to mention my calves are really small. The difference between my thighs and calves makes it look like my leg isn't straight. My ballet teacher constantly tells me to straighten my leg, even though I'm already stretching it as far as it goes. This wasn't a problem before, I always had pretty straight legs. Any way I can somehow reduce the muscle mass in my butt and thighs? They aren't fat or anything, just bulky! Thank you in advance for any ideas :)

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, viki-ballerina. I wish we could help you, but I'm afraid that the problems that you are describing are very hard to know how to do that without seeing you. Have you discussed this problem with your teachers? There are just no ways to help you when we can't see you. Everyone has body changes that happen as you mature. Some can be helped and improved, others cannot, especially if they are genetic. Size alone should not make a difference in whether your legs look straight or not . If you are using your quad muscles and the knee is straight, then the leg should look straight, and the leg being behind you is more a matter of placement and understanding of line and how to use your rotation correctly, not muscle mass. We cannot tell you how to reduce muscle mass. Have you had any Pilates training? If not, that might be helpful to you. Without knowing your training, and also being able to see you, we really cannot help you. Sorry. :(

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