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Companies: Brexit and Companies in Europe


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Does anyone have any thoughts on how Brexit will impact dancers holding British citizenship, and what this will mean for European auditions in the future?

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Interesting question. DD only has US citizenship but danced in Canada and now Denmark. She does not have an EU passport, but managed to audition without problem throughout Europe. When she got a job in Denmark, her visa required a little more work than someone with a EU passport, but was done without any problem with the assistance of the ballet company.

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I'm trying not to think about it - I have family all over western Europe as well as the UK. We are European, whatever the "Little Englanders" try to say!

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I saw an article on facebook yesterday about Sadiq Khan's commitment to the arts through this change. I don't know what that will actually look like in reality but I know that the arts have been a huge part of Europe long before the EU came to be, so I bet there will be a conserted effort to make the transition smooth.

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My DS is a U.S. citizen and he has auditioned in Europe with just his U.S. Passport. When he accepted a position in Germany, he needed a work permit and Germany residency card, the dance company helped he obtain these items. I expect things might now be the same for British dancers in the future.

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