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This is a copy of the post I put up on Ballet Alert! Online, but since not everyone checks that forum regularly, I wanted to put it here as well.


One of the reasons we put up this forum was because we would occasionally have a teenage boy come on the site, say he was the only boy in his school taking ballet and ask if there were any others like him on the board. Unfortunately, there usually wasn't -- and the kid would go away. We wanted to have a place for boys in ballet to come and be able to talk about ballet -- and know they have a place in ballet. One of the best ways to do that is to know that there are men in ballet -- hence this forum.


But we want to make sure it is a SAFE place for them, and we also want to make sure that a new kid on the site will feel comfortable posting here.




Our most stringent rule is that we will not allow this board to facilitate contact or correspondence between adults and minors. If you're under 18, we do not allow you to post your email address, except inside the Buddy Board which can only be read by people for whom we grant permission (i.e., minors who've been here for more than two weeks and have made 30 posts. With that length of time and number of posts, we have a 99.9 percent chance of spotting a Faux Child).


If you're over 18, we do not allow you to write in a message responding to a post by a minor anything on the order of "I'd love to help! Email me at HelpfulGuy@helpisus.com." (The more direct approach -- "Hi! I'm a businessman with a yacht and I want to meet young ballerinas. Email me at richguywithyacht@ilovekids.com --is not permitted either.) Nor is posting on these boards pretending to be a child and striking up conversations with kids. Nor is any other permutation of this activity which we have yet to encounter. If we have any credible reason to suspect that one of your main purposes for being here is to get at children, we do not want you.


Anyone who uses this board to facilitate correspondence with a minor will have posting privileges revoked.


To our young posters: It is very wise not to post ANY identifying information. Not your real name, not your address, nor your school (high school or studio) nor your dog's name, nor even the fact that you love dogs. People who try to strike up friendships with kids will use this information if they DO get your email address: "Hi! I went to Central High too! And I just LOVE Cocker Spaniels." They use this to get you to trust them. Don't give them any tools. NEVER post your real name. In one post, if you sign it "Sandy," in another, you say "That's something the Nelson family would never allow!" and in a third -- months later -- you say something about how there's just no good dance in Dry Gulch, Maine, someone can put all of that together and find your home address and phone number.


Remember that even though your email address is not displayed on this site, you may be posting on other sites. If you're SugarPlumFairy999 here and someone reads a post, they may well check the other sites to find if you're posting there and get your email address from that site. There are really people who do this. We strongly suggest that you do not post your email address ANYWHERE.


If you ever receive an email from someone and you become uncomfortable with the corresondence STOP RESPONDING. Don't argue, don't explain, just don't answer. And tell your parents.


If you receive an email from anyone because of a post you made at this site, please let a moderator or administrator know immediately.

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