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Capezio Daisy Sizing


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Hey all. I just wanted to double check a sizing question before I order.


My daughter outgrew her 2.5 youth Daisy's. It looks like that's the last youth size, and she'll move up to ladies sizes now.


One of the Amazon comments says to convert from youth to ladies sizing I need to add two sizes.


So instead of a ladies 3, I need to order a ladies 5.


Is that correct?

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That's what we did when my daughter wore Capezio. The same is true for shoes in general in the US. A kid's size 3 is generally the same as a women's size 5. Sometimes adult sizes actually run a bit narrower, too, but the cost is also generally more. European sizing is much more logical with the numbers just increasing as the size does-- none of the kid vs. adult numbering system.

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Ok, thanks! Also, I'm having trouble believing my baby is wearing adult sizes. How did that happen?!

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DD is about a half size larger than you are asking about. I did not understand about the kids size vs adult size calculation. Because I had recently purchased her size 5.5 ballet shoes, I purchased the same size in kids summer sandals. The sandals were enormous. So, I guess under the calculations mentioned here, those sandals are really women's 7.5. I had no idea that it was a different size scale.

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