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Panicking for a show because of injury


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I'm really sorry to ask your moral support again. For the past couple of weeks I have been in trouble with a shifting/dropping cuboid bone. It came while just walking around the house and despite taking rest after beeing manipulate with an osteopath to put it back to its place 3 times it keeps dropping again (yesterday it happen while walking going to watch a rehearsal). I've seen the osteopath again asking what's the problem that I was upset and frustrated. For her my foot and ankle are strong (the injured one is even stronger than the other one), so she doesn't understand, today she cheched everything fron head to toe. My physician was like it's not broken nor torn ligament so I don't know.

So today at her office (she's used to athlete) I came with my pointe shoes to try after the manipulation as per her advice. My ankle felt weak but no pain. I have a general rehearsal tomorrow (another regearsal on sunday, show next saturday) she told me to go with a strap but no jump and no pointe (which means I'm only going to mark the placement and costume change).

I got back to work. Ankle and foot as free as never. I sat at my desk for hours and my foot began felt weird (like ants in it, but that's normal) . I Got back to my car and it's painful again to walk.

I called her she said it's normal, it's going to be better tomorrow and even better after, just massage and heat to help the muscle relax (apparently I have a lot of muscle and since it was painful they were contracted) But I'm freaking out still. What if it drop again and cannot perform ? no one understand why I'm freaking out like that, hence my post here.

I'm really scared not to be able to perform. We have a rehearsal tomorrow (sat) and Sunday, what I am going to do, do I try to go and do stuff. She told me I can, but seeing me know I'm not sure at all for tomorrow and I have 4 choreo (6-7min each). (Girl parnicking alone at home in her couch emoji). One of the teacher is not from my country and doesn't understand why we are injured as she told us "do not injure yourself". I have nothing on monday so full rest, and probably going to mark tuesday, wed and thursd. Friday is free and sat is the show. I planned not to wear my pointe shoes until the show, to be on the safe side, but this choreo is the hardest for me as I'm not confident on pointe even if the teacher told me I'm not that bad. I'm afraid to mess it up for everyone...


To sum it up : I'm freaking out like crazy. Please help ! (Morally only, I not asking for medical advice, just explaining the situation )

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Just rest, and take it easy. If you've got good underlying fitness, and know the choreography, you'll be fine. Just rest!

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So I'm going to the general rehearsal just to try the fast costume change to see if I need help (4 costume changes plus tights on and off as well as head pieces). Tomorrow I have a rehearsal for a new piece I've been cast in in which I'll go and mark stuff pkus take a video to remember it. Then just go and watch the other perform take notes of the comments. To be on top for saturday. I just hope it will work. Even just taken it easy today I'm afraid of the teacher comments as well as comments from the others. The piece tomorrow is something I really want to do next month (still not finished yet) I do not want to be cast out of it. I worked so hard to be in it. I hope that just the fact that I come will prove that I really want to do it.

Just not being able to do things today is making me sad (for lack of a bettrr word, english is not my first language). I'm crying right now just so you have an idea. My family is just like your not working with pob or the bolshoi so just drop out and don't do the show, or do it but if it's bad no-one will care as your not a pro. Which doesn't help me at all.

Thank for the electronical hugs !

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I'm sorry you're so sad & upset - it's entirely understandable. We understand here, even if those around you in real life have difficulty understanding.


Can you cheer yourself up a bit? I'm sure being more relaxed will help your injury to heal.

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I know being happy help healing. My dog is really cool with me today but I cannot it walk her that much I'm too afraid that the bone drop again... It's a vicious (spelling?) circle. That's why I came here for support.

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I hope we can help!


If the bone feels as if it is dropping out, can you ask your physiotherapist about taping or wrapping or bandaging?

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Last week it was tapped just after the manipulation and it still dropped 24h later just walkig in my house. She told me to only tape it to dance for at least 1 week to keep it for the final rehearsal next sat and depending how I feel take it off for the show. She showed me how to do it myself. For now I have put compression sock (medical one I got for my sprain last year as not long after I had to take the plane the doc prescribe it so that I was not block oversea with a big oedema) to help the circulation. As I'm not going to dance today I'm just going to keep my running shoes on (each time it dropped I was bear footed). Tomorrow I will try to negociate to mark in running shoes the new choreo. I hope it works. I'm probably going to sit out for next week class (I kinda made my mind on that ... Sadly)

At least I can talk to people who understand it already help in its way.

I will report back after the general reheasal as my carpool is coming... Freaking out to announce the news to the teachers.

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If your teachers are sensible, they'll understand that marking now will mean you should be able to dance injury-free in a week's time.


And running shoes can be excellent for support of feet & ankles - when I had a dose of plantar fasciitis (caused by a trauma injury), they were all I could wear for about 3 days. Not very elegant, but good for my damaged ligament.

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It sounds like you've been told it is safe to dance but you still find it uncomfortable/painful? If so, hopefully it'll all work out. Just be careful that you don't compromise your technique to accommodate the pain -- that could lead to further or worse injuries.


As for your teachers, I think each of us sets our own limits. I was once in a class where a teacher effectively ignored a regular student who injured herself (age broke a metatarsal!), only sending someone else to get her ice and not even stopping to ask how she is. I didn't go back. To me, it was an unacceptable thing to do as a teacher and a person. If your teachers have a problem with your plans to dance safely, you will have to decide whether that's beyond your own limits or not.



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Yes that's it I've been told I can but I'm not confident enough it fells like my foot is "alone".

I have been cast off for the 1st part of the new piece for sure and maybe for the 2nd part as well (2 differents music with the same group that follow each other). She will decide tomorrow during the rehearsal I'm not even invited to watch. Let's say that it doesn't feel good at all. I'm crying like crazy. And for the show if I cannot rehearse for class next week, they are thinking of taking me off the show too. For the moral it's not helping at all.

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Been cast off everything including a solo at the end of june, learnt it with an email not even from the teacher but from a group mail from another adult dancer. I'm relly upset it's not even politely correct.

I'm not feeling good at all. My foot is still painfull to just walk on so I'm probably have to cancel for next week end. I have a kind a argument with my mom as she visits and do not understand why I'm sad about it. It's just for your pleasure so who care... She doesn't understand that I work hard to be able to perform next week and not been able to is frustrating as it is not my job I don't have to be. Beeing cast off is also the same for her not your job so you don't care. And she finished by di something ekse next year. I'm crying even more now and feel as lonely as never...

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I'm so sorry, that sounds like a hard situation, and that really is a very unfair way of letting you know. I have no advice for you, but I just want to say I understand how you're feeling. My family also has trouble understanding my love of ballet sometimes.

The most important thing is to let your injury heal so you can get back to training. Don't let this discourage you. Hugs!!

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That's hard not to be discouraged, I've work too hard for that, I even have a friend from far away who's coming just to see me(I've told her that maybe I will not dance, she ask me for update middle week to see if she will still come. I also just received few comments from others and they are angry/upset because I'm injured, For them I'm going to mess it up for the group piece if I'm not there and do not show up for the rehearsal, which just push me to I'm not going to rehearsal at all this week I will sleep more and not face the comment will maybe not higher my stress level even more).

I just try to move my ankle. My range of motion is really good as well as the "free" feeling. I can point and flex without weight baring with no pain but once on weight baring ouch (not like a sprain I have some already know how it feels and it's less than that) I try to persuade myself that their is a chance for Saturday but let be real they are slimming down.

Thank you for the hugs I really appreciate. At least I can talk to someone who understand... Which also help a bit

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You'll have another chance to perform, I'm sure! It's perfectly normal to be sad, but this too shall pass... just not right away. (And could your friend come just for a visit anyway?)

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