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Time Off or Resting Guidelines

gabby's mom

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My daughter is 12 and will be 13 in the fall. She is very focused and determined to make progress this summer. She'll be dancing at a 7-day dance festival and attending a 3 week program at her ballet school. There are classes at her school, but less than she usually takes, and they are planning to completely shut down for 2 weeks. She's a bit concerned about taking two weeks off, while I think she'd perhaps be better off with a few more weeks doing something other than dance. I was wondering if the teachers here (or more experienced parents) might have an opinion on how much rest a younger dancer should have over the summer months.

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I am going with 2 weeks off in a row as being the max. But my very unscientific source was a line in the documentary "Tutu Much" where the teacher was saying not being a pointe shoe for 2 weeks will make your feet hurt and how the kids who were off a month were hurting when they arrived to their SI.


I was talking with another parent about this today, because we have a month off this year. My DKs teacher also agrees that a month off is not a good idea, but a couple of weeks is probably okay.

Our SI schedules are incredibly intense and we feel it is not a good idea to jump into 6 days of ballet a week after a month off. We have seen outsiders attend our home school SI and get injured because they aren't used to the intensity.


I am going to make my kids have a week off of pure nothing in June, and again in August. Other than that will be some simple open classes, privates and pilates during the off weeks. Aiming for 4 classes per week to keep fitness up and those feet somewhat familiar with pointe shoes.


I'd love to see what the more experienced parents or teachers have to say!

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How much should kids be doing minimum during those off weeks before or after summer intensives? We're moving and the new studio is on their break for the three weeks before her SI (plus another two weeks she'll be off on the front end because we're driving across the country). We are going to go in and do some privates which will let her get a feel for the place and get working on YAGP variations and I figured she could do some pilates or barre fitness classes also. She'll do theraband exercises in the car.


Is once or twice a week supplemented with another conditioning class (pliates, Yoga or Barre Fitness) enough for her to be in shape for a fairly intensive SI?

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Meatball77, you should find a thread regarding 'how much time off between year-round and SIs' (not the actual title) in the Summer Intensive FAQ forum. (I'm running out the door and don't have time to search and link here).


There have also been threads on 'how much time off' in general, so a Search might help provide some information without starting totally from scratch. :thumbsup:

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I did look for threads like that before I began a new thread, but apparently I'm not conducting my search correctly. If anyone could point me to the archived information, I'd be very appreciative!

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Here's one for you: Rest time prior to SI


The best way to do a search is not just to put working in the box provided, but use the little wheel thingy next to the box. This allows you more options like: all words or any words and searching title and content or just title or just content. Part of the thing to learn about searching is to think like a member who might start a thread. Search choices like: rest time, weeks off, prior to SI, supplementing would all net some results. The little box is not always the best way to go and is something, we can not control unfortunately.

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