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What do you keep in your dance bag?

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After my class yesterday, which was in an uncomfortably humid and hot studio (thanks Texas), I realized I should probably keep a towel in my bag. Since this isn't an item I typically see on videos on the subject, I'm curious to hear about what everyone keeps on them for classes.

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Guest Pas de Quoi

In my dance bag I have a small towel, a theraband, a tennis ball, a Mikasa ball, a small container of baby powder, flat ballet slippers, pointe shoes, a bit of rock rosin, a pair of cotton socks, a hair scarf, a package of Kleenex, and a tin of Altoids.


That pretty much covers all the basics. Just before I get into the car to go to class, I also add a bottle of cold water.

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Lacrosse ball, 2 pairs of flats, pointe shoes, 3 skirts, shorts, extra pair of tights, hand sanitizer, Chapstick, Theraband, mints, almonds, bag with loose powder to coat toe pads, bag of pointe stuff (band aids, sewing tube, scissors, toe pads, spacers, nail file, ribbon, elastic, toe tape), hair pins, deodorant, and a small towel. Kleenex is a good idea though, especially as it gets warmer.


If it is going to be a long day of class I'll bring my travel-sized foam roller in hand. I think I might carry too much -.-

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tennis ball, 2 pairs of pointe shoes (at least sometimes 3 pairs if I have a new one to break in, so that I can change after barre). 2 pairs of slippers enough leotard and tight to last me for a week, bottle of water, kleenex, nuts, various warmups (overall, leg warmup, crop tight tops) bobbypins, arnica, socks, foot undeez, skirts, a short, pointe shoes bags (tape, foam tape, big tips with tips cut off (just to protect the knucle,it's been sensitive since a balance beam felt on it while in high school), various toe pad (I used cut off socks, I have various thickness as my feet change depending on how much I have walk in my day at work and depending on the weather) I also have a paire of ouch pouch pro for the days my feet are really really thin (it happen sometimes) and a pair of ouch pouch that as saved life to friends quite a few times (it's been 2 years since I put my feet in them)) and scissors.

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A notebook and pen to write down choreography, new skills, and corrections; Grant's Ballet Dictionary and Technical Manual thingermajig for extra clarification and spelling; whatever shoes I need for class; my wallet (which has my punchcard for class); extra hair ties and bobby pins; water; and my MP3 player so I can warm-up before class to my own music if I wish.

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My list:



tennis ball


Deep Blue Rub

PasTense oil


extra bobby pins

hair ties


dental floss (for sewing)


band aids

all needed shoes


Fray Check

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Rosin, chalk, tennis ball, portable sewing kit, locket with the faces of my deceased Mom and Dad inside, scissors, hemostat, handheld mirror, makeup, light pink lipstick, carmax, strawberry EOS egg(lip balm), band-aids, blister pads, deordorant, "time of the month" stuff, water bottle, kleenix, make-up removal wipes, hair accessories, breath mints, pointe shoes, ballet flats, back-up tights, short skirt, one-piece swimsuit, notepad and pencil, nutrition bars, small washcloth, hair scrunchie, mole skin, perfume, hairspray, mace (very careful not to get the last three mixed up!), Advil, pointe ribbons, toe pads, fingernail clippers/file, money, elastic straps, tape, and one of those little hand-held Chinese fans that fold-up (I think they're really neat plus, they work wonders when I need to cool myself off.)

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Theraband, tennis ball, jacknobbler (a small massage tool), reisstance band loop, leather clippers, canvas slippers, prepared pointe shoes and accessories (clear nail polish, needle and thread, toe tape, ouch pouches/gel pads/toe spacers, bandaids, nail clipper, etc), ballet skirt (chiffon or lycra), warmups, which vary according to the weather (thin dance top + trash bag shorts or pants/booty shorts/sweater tights + legwarmers + thin scarf), water bottle filled with ice water, toiletry kit with extra hairnets, elastics, hairpins, bobbypins, mirror, deoderant, lip gloss, feminine supplies, unscented muscle rub, powder, advil, inhaler), snacks (usually some combination of banana/gummi bears/granola bars/protein bars), wallet & keys, warm up fleece socks, notebook and pen, small towel/face cloth (which I rarely use), kleenex, tiny bottle of lotion, sanitzier. If I have a longer day, I may also pack a second leotard and pair of tights just in case. :-)

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When I first started I used to have a towel, pair of flats, sewing kit, hairpins, bottle of water, legwarmers, babywipes, deodorant.

Now that I have been doing more classes I now have added to the above with demi pointe shoes, elastic, ribbon (not that I use ribbons), tennis ball. From next week I'll have my pointe shoes in there too

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My bag has gone from bulging to minimalist and back again over the last few years.  Here's what I've got in it right now:

Assorted round items that roll:

-dollar store sphere about four inches in diameter and fairly soft


-those little bouncy ones that bounce super high

-pinky b a l l



-pointe shoes

-right now, two pairs of ballet flats, although I need to take one out because they're dead

-heel inserts



-a dance manual

-ballet dictionary



Hair stuff:

-assorted long pins and dancer's pins

-ponytails, large and small

-small flowers (Friday is "Pretty Friday" around these parts lol)



-one legwarmer

-two skirts:  a black one, and a pink one with cats on it

-medical tape for pointe

-two pens


Before class, I bring another bag with me that contains two therabands and a Pilates ball, but since I refuse to carry that around all day, it goes in my locker after the first class of the day.

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T-shirt, tracksuit trousers or shorts, flats, deodorant, water, rations, strapping, compeeds, ibuprofen, voltarol. I've become one of those people? [Plus, whatever else I have with me. Laptop, power supply, notebooks, headphones, shopping. It's a big bag...]

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I have a combo of all the above and some extra things I like:

The Body Shop Peppermint foot spray- great for after class to soothe and freshens stinky feet up :D

Extreme Jelly Beans that are caffeinated for the extra pick me up before class especially if class is right after work

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You could all be scouts you are so well prepared. I carry a complete change of ballet attire, bottle of water, packet of tissues, sewing kit, first-aid kit, note book and pen, torch for the dark evenings, small wallet with enough cash for fish and chips after Friday evening class. I deliberately do not have a larger bag or I would carry more. 

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On 2017-04-16 at 3:28 PM, Grandad dancer said:

You could all be scouts you are so well prepared. 

That's a nice way to put it.  I think in my case it's more like "I needed this one thing this one time" and then out of sight is out of mind!  My bag is really just a ballet black hole...

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I think I'm the weird one... I carry my ballet shoes, foot brace, water bottles and maybe some tissues. And if going to class involves train travel, a book! And the usual: wallet, phone, keys. But nothing more than that.

However, if we start talking about my teaching bag (I teach ballet): same as above plus: laptop, spare cable, teaching notebook, pack of rice crackers, skirt, legwarmers, pens, dancepants, socks...

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