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How to break through the mediocre barrier?


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This is my first post here. Hi all! So I've been dancing for about five years now, three en pointe and though I can see great improvement in so many areas, there is still so much that is hard for me, perhaps harder than before as I now know how things SHOULD look ;)

For example at this point, I can see how poor turnout is limiting me. There is not much I can do about that except work on holding what I do possess as well as flexibility .


Now that one pirouette is doable for me, I am working on doubles but finding that my lack of high releve and passe are holding me back.

I'm thinking about this all the time!


I still find that my developpes are not very high. I know that this is because my flexibility is average at best and also because my turnout is poor. Advice welcome!


My other turns are improving as I am starting to understand how arm position is so important as well as all the rest! Also holding that releve, that passe, etc..


Wow! Ballet is the hardest thing ever!!!!

What I am starting to feel though is that presentation (in class as well as on stage) can make up for a lot of mediocrity ;)

Port de bras can make you look beautiful as well as a pleasant expression and a good attitude.


Not sure what I am asking except maybe for other ways in which to break through the "average" dancer barrier to become all one can be personally?


Edited to add that I take approximately 5 classes a week at beginner and intermediate levels as well as one pointe class and occasional barre en pointe. I also take a floor barre class every week!

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I think you just have to keep going and keep working. Focus on one or two things at a time. And enjoy yourself, because, first, you'll get better faster if you're relaxed and, second, otherwise, as an adult, why bother? You'll still see big improvements, but you'll probably notice them less frequently than when you were newer.

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Unsurprisingly, you break through the mediocrity when you have a firm command of the most basic things like clean and turned out articulated tendu, control of your body and knowing your lines, transitioning of the arms and feet, connecting steps in transition, and a second nature epaulment/head and shoulder carriage. Being able to balance also helps too. All the other fancy stuff comes later and you'll soon find that some of that fancy stuff can't be attained at all if the simple stuff like a clean ronds de jambe par terre and en l'air or relevé lents can't be executed first.

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Thanks for the great advice. I think you are both right. I, for example concentrated last night on using my feet correctly and on connecting port de bras and I feel it helped.

It also helps me to see video as I can now easily see where I go wrong. Insecurity is a big one for me; looking down, not feeling sure and not holding positions long enough.

So much to work on :)

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