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Dedicated dance mum

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Hi ,

DD ( 14 )has just received results for Intermediate rad exam just got distinction so upset at mark as in last years IF exam got in mid 80 s.DD worked exceptionally hard and had just received ballet award at recent ballet seminar. DD described as dynamic dancer with wonderful performance ability and good technique, received 9 and 10 for rad intermediate foundation and grade 6 for performance sections and free enchantments .DD dances about 15 hours a week in ballet and contemporary even going to classes above and below her level to improve.DD always received distinction in all her exams. Have noticed fluctuations in scores in some years. I thought the whole point of the RAD marking is that it is consistentTeacher and DD trying to figure out what went wrong, teacher upset at her mark..Teacher made comment that the tall / thin dancers did really well, not sure if there would be truth to that. My DD about 5.6 and nice slim/ muscular build certainly not skinny but slim . Any advise and recent experiences with rad exams for very disappointed DD and mum as she worked so hard and feels it didn't count for much,

Thanks Dedicated dance mum

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One of our Teacher Members is an RAD examiner, and she sent me this information. I would pay particular attention to her statement below the link.



As an RAD examiner, I would have said that it pays to remember that it is just one persons opinion on one day, and different Examiners will see different things in each candidate.

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