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Problem with dorsal muscles exercises


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This is kind of a silly question but I have to talk about this with someone. I really don't like doing dorsal raise exercises at floor barre class or any other exercise where I have to lie down with my belly facing the floor because it's unconfortable staying on top of my . It really is!... Does anyone here have the same problem? What can I do?

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I understand what you mean. I just don't do floor barre if I can avoid it. I don't really see the value vs a regular barre any way. You might try bring a exercise mat to class.

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Why don't you try those gel type pads, similar to those you buy for your neck when travelling via air, you can get the flat ones, not shaped then place in the right position should take the "pressure off" , worth a go I know someone who used these he reckons work well for him

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Don't do it, if you don't like it. Why not try pole dancing? Amazing for abs, lats, shoulder support, etc. And fun too!

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Ha, ha, ha,..........

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Ahahah now that you speak of pole dancing, there was this time a girl came to my ballet school and asked if she could try a floor barre class thinking it was a pole dance class :D
I do regular barre too, but I find floor barre class useful to gain strenght and flexibility

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Would lying on a thick folded towel help? Also not using a proper dance belt, but a support that does not push upwards as much?

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