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My question is ~ When (what time of year) are company contracts normally offered? The AD at dd's company just got around to meeting (second week of June) with dancers to let them know if their contracts were renewed or not. Isn't this kind of late to know if you have a contract or to start looking for a new position?


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This is very late. However, just for the purposes of info: the actual date depends on when the company ends it's season and when the board sets the budget for the new year. DD received her contract in March and it was due back early April.

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That's what I thought! Their season ended in April, because the board stated lack of funds. Seems crazy and maybe even irresponsible that they're just getting around to letting dancers know their fate. I am assuming not many companies still have openings. Is there a typical time companies offer contracts?

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It can't hurt to make contact and send videos. Most smaller companies will be on hiatus if not already then soon. Many larger companies may be at the start of their summer rep. But what is key is that making contact individually is the only way to find out this time of year if they are willing to look at a video or have a dancer come take class.

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Is there a typical time companies offer contracts?

Letters of Intent are usually sent out 2/3's through the season. Once the Artistic Direction knows how many dancers intend to return, then they work on offering official contracts.


Most seasons run from early fall through spring, with all sorts of variations on that timing. Then there are a number of very small companies that have pick-up contracts available for the summer months.

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