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7 to 8 yr old girl started at Sab, invited to return next year, also offered place at Jko at one higher class level. Jko less expensive with longer classes. Any thoughts or advice??


Thank you.

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Sorry, Mamaluv, but we do not permit the direct comparisons between programs on BT4D. Nor do we make specific recommendations between programs. There are just too many personal factors that may make such a choice different for various dancers and their families. We here in cyberspace simply cannot provide useful recommendations because none of us know your daughter in any meaningful way.


We do, however, provide empirical information via first-hand experiences with these specific schools in our Pre-ProfessionalResidential Ballet Schools forum: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showforum=147 The Forum is arranged alphabetically, so it will be easy to locate the individual dedicated threads. Feel free to ask questions regarding the program that will help you on its thread.


As for more general things to consider in choosing a school, we have a number of threads on the topic. A search should bring up quite a few. There is also a Pinned Thread at the top of this Forum regarding how to choose a pre-pro school.

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If I may give some advice. Please, please, please look at graduating classes and find out specifically where those dancers are getting jobs. That will cue you in to which school will provide a more marketable dancer. Since your daughter is so young, also look at how many of those graduating dancers came up through the ranks, or transferred into the school at a later age. That should be indicative of the quality of the training at a young age as well. Hard choice! Good luck!

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