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Pointe for strengthening/training


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Our summer schedule got a little messed up when my work schedule changed, so now we're scrambling to find a decent studio for DD (12) to dance at after her home studio's intensive ends. Good options are few and far between.


I just spoke with the director of the most recommended option, went over DD's training and current issues. DD is having some control/body awareness issues, most likely related to her growth spurts. The director's suggestion was for DD to join a pointe class for about 30 minutes of barre work (en pointe) once a week.


At our current studio, as things stand now, DD is 1-2 years away from pointe, so I'm a little thrown. I know that this has been done before, but the only dancers Ive known who have used pointe like this are male!


What do you think? Is this just a bad idea or is there something to it?

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If you DD has not yet been placed on pointe by her own studio's teachers, then I would not let someone else do it. I also do not think that it should be used for strengthening if the student is not yet ready for pointe work. Did this other studio also offer technique classes several times a week during the time that her studio is closed? Are they running a summer course with classes for her level? I am not at all comfortable with the idea of a summer program placing a child in pointe shoes if her home studio has not approved it.

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Thank you Ms. Leigh. DD would not be attending that studio's intensive, just evening classes to extend her training season. Evening technique classes are four days per week over the summer, supposedly at DD's level.


Our studio is known to be quite conservative with introducing pointe, usually 13-15 years old, but I don't want DD to rush if she isn't ready. At the same time, this other studio trains the bulk of the dancers at the performing arts high DD wants to attend.

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