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Sweat stains on leotard


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I couldn't find anything on it, I can't imagine there isn't s post about it


I'm a sweater, on a hot day the streams fall down my back

I always have a huge stain high on my belly

With black I think it conceals a bit

But I also sweat down you know where

Are there any lady's out there who have the sameness problem?


I would hate if it would show down there

I do wear underwear, everybody does I dance with

So that would soak some of it up I think

The leotards where I'm from are a cotton blend

But now I ordered a new leotard from abroad made from a sort of Lycra fabric in a light grey

I'm conscious if it will show up more

I have no experience with that fabric

And I only owned black leotards


Can someone tell me if sweat stains will show up more on the Lycra-ish fabric

Is there something I can do to conceal the stains or prevent it?

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I get super sweaty during class, which is so weird because I swear that I seemed to sweat less than most people in track and cross country. Having never owned a cotton leotard I can't offer a comparison. My non-black lycra/spandex/tactel/meryl leotards all show sweat. I've stopped caring much about sweat marks in general, but I do feel your pain with regard to crotch-area sweat. If I'm wearing a leotard that is not black I will often just wear my tights (either pink or black) over my leotard. The tights, of course, will get sweaty, but it looks considerably less noticeable than sweat marks slowly appearing and spreading on the leotard. I know others have a thing against wearing pink tights over leotards, I just don't particularly care when doing so can save me from wasting energy worrying about whether or not there are dots of sweat appearing around or below my waist.

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I suppose I just think: does anyone else notice sweat stains? Do you notice sweat on others? If I do (which is rare), I tend to think, gosh yes, they're working hard. Don't we all have too much else to be thinking about than other people's sweat?

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Darker colours certainly show the sweat marks less, but in any case by the time the crotch is showing sweat I also have sweat marks under the bust, around my belly button and down my back, so it is pretty obvious that it is just sweat everywhere!

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Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't notice sweat stains on others

And if you say it like that, I'm proud of them

Yes I work hard and I'm proud of it


I wore the leotard today

It was less noticeable the more I was sweating

The stain just gets so big it's more like a shadow

I feel like it would be worse in a cotton leotard

The shadow of my nipples were more bothering me, but I see them on others too

But the feeling of a new fun leotard was just magical

I danced better in it, felt more confident despite everything showing

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I suppose I was thinking out loud about whether I noticed other people sweating - I don't! So I assume other people don't notice me ... :)

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I was super insecure about my sweat too when I first wore a light teal leotard to class. But then if you think about it, it's all sweat from working hard and nobody is look at that. My teacher gets sweaty in class too and it's nothing to be ashamed about. I've totally given up on trying to "conceal" it now. Just embrace the sweat and the bright colored leotards!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Today I could understand your embarrassment.

After class I saw a big sweat mark in the crack region of my light grey tights.

I'm actually thinking about ordering black ones although I like my muscles to be seen to get more/pickier corrections.


What do you think?

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Honestly? I'd go for black/blue tights or tight shorts over the tights. Or a longer tshirt? A bit of sweating is fine but when it's in 'unusual' places and on a very light colour I'd be a bit uncomfortable. If other people feel comfortable then that's fine but I'd feel a bit self conscious and I'd rather be spending my time doing/ worrying about the ballet!

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Thank you for your suggestions. After thinking about it, I guess it's only the problem of the wearer, not of the viewer ;-)


So just seeing visible sweat as a sign of hard work seems to be the best to me.

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We usually have somewhat a competition in all of our classes here where we look at who's sweating the most at the end of class. Whoever sweats the most can claim having worked the hardest.

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“First comes the sweat, and then comes the beauty. If you are lucky and have said your prayers.”  George Balanchine

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  • 3 years later...

Adult male dancer... I will be on stage on Sunday and it will be really hot. Grey thights and I have the same sweat issue between my legs. Itt will be quite visible. Any tricks? I know the main advice is do not care about it, but I need something more. Should I dress down and towel around every offstage minute?

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Would talcum powder or an anti-perspirant (roll-on) help? Or wear a 2nd pair of tights to absorb the sweat - although that might make you hotter.

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