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Hi, the lower vertebrae of my back are fused, making it difficult to find correct placement at times. I used to be somewhat strong on pointe...but I've lost my turns. On the other hand, on flat I can do triples on both sides. I don't know what went so wrong in my pirouettes on pointe, especially since they should be easier now if I can turn more consistently on flat. Today I had a horribly off day. My friend was able to record me in practicing on my weaker side in new shoes. From the video I would say I'm not over my leg, my shoulders are hunched, arms not coordinated, need to push through my shoes more, spot faster, and get my hips underneath me. Even though this day was horribly off for me (in new hard shanks), is there anything else I can fix?

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It sounds to me like you have quite a list of things to fix already. Start with those things. but first keep in mind that we are human, not robots, and not every day will be the same, especially in terms of pirouettes. An off day for turns is not the end of the world! :wink:

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The link I posted got deleted. It was a video of my turns? Even if I were to fix all these things, I'd end up with clean doubles, triples, quadruples. But nowadays, it seems like people are doing quintuples and up. How?

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While there might be some people doing more turns, the criteria is still how good, how consistent, and how clean they are. Doing 5 pirouettes, or any specific number, is not the primary criteria for becoming a professional dancer.


The video was deleted because we do not allow video links to our Young Dancers.

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