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How to gauge training

Lady Elle

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I see there has been discussion like this before. My question is, my dd is 16 going into her junior year of highschool. Specifically, what more advanced elements of ballet should she be working on mastering at this time? Fuette turns? Italian fuettes, triple pirouettes en pointe? I don't see them working on these elements very much in class, should they be?


I'm t a crossroads and looking at our current studio and one other. She has 4.5 hrs of tech class and 3.5 of pointe class per week IN HER LEVEL. She has the option to take another 3 hrs of tech in the level below her and 3 hrs of advanced adult tech classes. Small classes, she's one of three at the highest level (maybe a 1 or two more coming in this year) a few other younger girls moved up to her level for the sake of having a class size big enough to keep going - they're good but more like 12-13 yrs old and pretty new to pointe. Clean classical training. Don't think any other girls are serious about continuing professionally.


Other studio, 13.5 hrs tech, 4 hrs pointe per week. From what I understand a few of those classes are combined with a lower level. Bigger classes. Several girls serious about a career. A small number of graduates have gone pro. Balanchine style taught.


Thoughts? I think my dd and I are kind of on our own with this decision. Ughhh. Sometimes I just want mom to tell me what I should do.


Oh, and the current situation is pretty much free and the possible situation is farther away and will be quite a bit of an investment. ? But I so very much want what is important for her training right now!

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To be honest, without seeing your daughter, no one can answer this question with the best interest of your daughter in mind. The vocabulary of ballet is just that, words, but diction really does matter.

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Thanks vrfanatic - that's a bit what I was expecting to hear here. But, you might see a video of her in the near future as Harid is a consideration for her senior year. Although she has not had vaganova training (that's what HARID trains, yes?). Thanks.

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Yes, HARID uses the Vaganova program of study as a basis for training.

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