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Adult ballet class drop in - Vienna Austria


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I'm going to Vienna for work next week while this time I was hoping to take a class or two just to stay in a somewhat good shape as I have an intensive 2 weeks later. All school are close around me since last week (and no class until mid september). I tried to arrange a few privates but unfortunately it's not going to happen because of my heavy work schedule.

Any idea for adult ballet class (drop in welcome) in Vienna (Austria), beginner or intermediate level, or maybe just a school that is open at the beginning of July, I will be glad.

I tried googling but my german is really too old for that and it kept bringing back adult class in Vienna VA (US) which is not helping me !

Thanks for your help



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You might find something here:




From that link, here's one which looks possible at the Vienna Dance Centre




They have classes for adults ("Erwachsene") on Monday and Tuesday at €15 each


And this studio looks excellent:




They have specific classes for adults (Erwachsene)


Also I found if I Google searched 'Wien' rather than Vienna, I didn't get the US town!

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Thanks for the link I'm going to investigate to know if they are open . Dance arts looks nice but they close last friday. Vienna dance center looks indeed really nice unfortunately my flight arrive in Wien late on tuesday, schedule conflicting here. However from the list I found one scholl that offer adult class until next week at a time I can go, they even offer 1h30 class followed by 30min of pointe class for 2 nights while I'm there. That would be perfect. I contacted them by email and wait for their answer, it would be around 20€ each night. I hope they will answer my email as my german is quite limited (hello, where the bathroom, I don't understand, and some funny but not useful zoo animal).

I going to continue the investigation to find a plan B.

Thanks for your help.

PS I didn't thought to try Wien (as in german), silly me !

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I am in Vienna every summer (husband from there....) and when I have time and am able, I go to "Move On" dance centre, as it is - well - quite central (for me) in vienna.



Check out the "news" page, as some things have changed for next week.


("entfällt" means, "cancelled"...)



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I'll checked that too.

I've checked, unfortunately class are too early for me on the day I'm available, otherwise the location was easily accessible.

Edit to add: Deeply buried In their website I found a morning class (perfect time for me as my work stuff only begin at lunch time) not on their daily schedule yet. I asked for info about level (I hope it's open to intermediate student not only advanced). It's a summer ballet intensive available for drop in with bettina schaeffer (spelling?). I'm waiting for an answer bu email before trying to call.

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Did you take any classes in Vienna? I´m also thinking about taking an extra class while I´m at the Impuls Tanz Festival...

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Yes I took morning class at move on. You need to check for their schedule as it changes week from week. You just need to come 5 min before the class and pay at the desk (17/1h30). Studios were pretty nice but it's getting hot in there do not bring too many warm ups. Enjoy the festival

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