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When you can't move for ballet :/


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Not looking for advice, juse empathy if there's any out there! Dd got invited to her ideal pre-pro program but it's too far away. I'm finding myself so envious of those who have no financial retrainsts. I don't even know what we're going to do in the future, her current school does not provide adequate advanced training when she gets to that level, sigh :/

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I can empathize. DD may never get to go to an away summer intensive due to our financial situation. For now, just about to turn 13, there are some good local summer options that I can afford that can give her good training. Maybe she will get some significant scholarships at some point, maybe our financial situation will improve, maybe there will be reason to relocate and we'll be near the perfect training situation. In the meantime, it is difficult to see her working so hard and dreaming big when I know it could be something beyond her control that puts a roadblock in her path. I totally get the envy. We have a good life, but we can't bankroll the kind of training that seems necessary to give a ballet dancer a chance to make it on a professional level. I usually have faith that a path will become clear if this is what she is meant to do, but there are times when I feel like I'm failing her.

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I can totally relate to this Gabby's Mom and Ballerinamom2girls. You are not alone.

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Thank you ladies. I know I'm not alone, and I believe with enough determination and hard work dd will get where she's meant to be no matter what.

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Thanks for this ladies. Deep sigh.

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Moving for ballet training isn't always the answer. We are from a small town with pre-pro training an hour or more away. When my DD was around 12, I considered moving because the commute to her pre-pro ballet school was just too much. I researched jobs and homes for sale in the area of her pre-pro school and everything! Fastforward, the ballet school that was over an hour away, turned out not to be the dream school my DD thought it was and she ended up not training there for as long as we had forseen. Looking back now, I can't even imagine the mess my family would be in had we moved for training that didn't pan out.


Look at the resources near you when your dancer is young. The grass is always greener on the other side. I personally know a few successful professional dancers from my small town who made it on small town training and then transferred to big-city training when they were old enough to live on their own.


As hard as it is, don't concern yourself with the paths of other dancers. I know it sounds crazy, but if you are supportive and DD is talented, opportunities will come your way!

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I know this is a tough subject. I am not rich, and definitely not as well off as some of the families at my DK's school, but I am managing for now, thank heavens and knock wood. It IS hard and know a couple of families who really struggle to make the dream happen. That said, I agree with vaganovagirl, the grass may not be greener and you can take advantage of the training you DO have. One thing we have learned is that the kids at our smaller school are doing better at SI auditions than the students at the big 3 letter school an hour away, so for me, I am glad we are sticking it out at our smaller school.


You might consider privates to supplement what you have currently or open or master classes that you can drive away to once in awhile. These have helped my DK's a lot.


Also, have you asked the prepro school for a scholarship? I know ours will give them if you really need it. I know the 3 letter school nearby is even more generous!


I went through what you are describing as a young teen myself, albeit a totally different discipline. It was hard to see those who could afford the training and equipment pass me by, and eventually I gave up on my dream. Likely my dream wasn't attainable even if I could afford it, but it stinks when it's finances that kill it. That said, I regret not trying harder for scholarships or just asking what I could do to earn my way.


Hang in there!!

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Thank you voganovagirl and nynydancer, your words are appreciated and make sense.

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Think of this as what you would do/feel when DD is of college age. There will be colleges she can attend if your savings or Financial work in your favor and there will be colleges she will not be able to attend because of lack of enough savings or Financial aid. The resulting place in the sun may have some issues that have to be dealt with/accepted but it is certainly not the end all, be all of the journey. Many people get into different colleges and have different ending paths. Even though ballet is hard, and the numbers staggering of how many "make it", there are many ways to Rome.

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I worry about this for my DD. We live in a smaller city. My DD recently did 1 week at a local ballet school and a few weeks at her first SI. I was really worried how her technique would compare in the outside world. She belongs to a studio that offers good training but has both recreational and pre-pro type dancers but the pre-pros at the moment are a small percentage.

I was pleased that DD was very strong on pointe and got placed at very good levels. I learned that she is getting really good training where she it. I still would like to move to a bigger city when she gets to the age to be a trainee rather than ship her off. But for now a lot is what you make of it.

Privates and extras can help.

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