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Classes and pointe shoe fitters in NYC?


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I am very excited - At the beginning of November, I will be going on my first ever holiday as a grown up, all by myself, just because I can. I'll be 33yrs old, so it's taken me a while......


I'm going to be spending about 5 1/2 days in New York, probably mostly around Manhatten and Long Island. Whilst I fully intend to try and cover a lot of the "classic" tourist stuff, get to the theatre etc, I'd really like to do a spot of ballet tourism too....


So - from those in the know:


1. Are there any good, welcoming adult classes who might allow a visiting intermediate level to take a single class as a tourist?


2. Whilst pointe shoes seem to be made in the UK, shops actually selling them (and fitting them!) are surprinsingly few and far between - certainly much fewer than in the US. Suffolks in particular (which are the only kind which work for me) are made two hours away, and sold absolutely nowhere! There's also a relatively small dancewear market, and some stuff is SO much cheaper accross the pond! So, are there any good dance shops in the NYC area? Anywhere that people would reccomend for fitting pointe shoes for adults? I'll probably be staying fairly centrally, so happy to travel about, but will be on public transport.


All advice and suggestions gratefully recieved! Equally, if anyone has any "off the tourist track" suggestions of things to do in New York - please, let me know!!



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There are many, many threads about New York classes and shops! You may want to do some searching and clicking around.


Specifically at the intermediate level (and I think a fairly reasonable one at that), I would recommend Beth Goheen's class at Broadway Dance Center. She's lovely.

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I have just finished a class with a lady named Hara at Steps on Broadway. She is amazing! Incredibly welcoming to a newcomer, which I was. I, too, am being a dance tourist, and plan a few more classes tomorrow - Finis Jung and 2 at Broadway Dance Center.

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Thank you! There are quite a few threads, but things alter so quickly I thought I'd make sure I had an up to date inside track!


It's going to be a loooooooong few months waiting!

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Another class that I felt was intermediate and quite welcoming is Debbie Wingert's class at Ailey. It is labeled as advanced beginner on the schedule. I felt it was very do-able.

A brief list of the NYC stores roughly from north to south- Freed of London Long Island City (15 minutes into Queens from midtown), Sansha, Capezio (several locations but the flagship store is just above Times Square), On Stage Dancewear (on Madison Ave, the only non-brand specific store though many stores carry some dancewear in other brands), Chacott, and now Repetto. I have been to them all except Repetto.

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On Stage carries Suffolk.

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Oh Doormouse, lucky you! There is so much to see & do in Manhattan alone. And the dance studios. I miss them.


Remember that levels in NYC are higher than elsewhere, and that you'll get a lot from an Advanced Beginners class. But for Intermediate/Slow Intermediate, I really loved Jamie Salmon at Peridance, and Dorit Koppel there as well. They both teach lovely flowing classes, and usually teach in a gorgeously large studio (unlike most studios at Steps, for example). Kat Wildish also teaches at Peridance, but not over the summer, I think. She's an extraordinary teacher and really teaches. Pushes you, and not afraid of hands on corrections. But she does give a long barre, so the centre can be rushed.




You'll also find nice little videos of some of the classes on the Peridance website, so you can glimpse an idea of the level & see the lovely studio.


I like Peridance, especially if you end up staying downtown - it's 5 minutes or less from Union Square on 14th. It's less frenetic & scary than Steps. But if you've never been to Steps, you must go just for its fame. And its excellent teachers. I always try to do a class with Kathy Sullivan - one of her morning Beginners or Advanced Beginners classes are great for jet-lag. I've also done Lisa Lockwood's Intermediate class at Steps, which was really lovely - a very flowing challenging barre, but challenging in a way that left me energised rather than scared, although the petit allegro in the centre just too fast for me - not helped by the class being full of teenagers competing in YAGP, so crowded and fast moving.

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Kat Wildish is teaching an open class this summer at Ballet Arts at City Center. I don't recall the level, but it is also what a consider a "do-able" class.

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Thanks - looking through I guessed that levels were kind of different! If intermediate is YAGP kids......

I think a beginners class would be just fine - I've been looking at some of the Finis Jung ones which would be amazing.


I'm going to have to find time to fit in some sightseeing/culture/shopping etc somewhere!

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I've never attended one of Mr Jung's classes but I think others have said on here in the past that they are very crowded and if you're not a regular then there's little attention. Whereas I've found with Ms Wildish and Ms Sullivan that they're hands in, and as a very occasional drop in, I've had direct personal attention and corrections.


But it would be fascinating to have the experience of Mr Jung's approach.


I'm not envious of your planning, oh no no no ?

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Excited? Who me?!


This is going to be the longest 6 months ever! I'd like to take one of Mr Jungs classes just to see how he teaches, and to experience it. I guess I wouldn't expect much attention from anyone as a one class drop in student. So apart from Mr Jung, I have Broadway Dance Centre, Steps, Ballet Arts and Peridance reccomended! :)


Might have to invest in a new leotard or three too.....

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Most of the big NYC studios/teachers have little videos of classes. THat can help with planning, especially around style & level.

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Thanks for that - I'll have a watch when I get home (no links to youtube at work!)

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  • 3 months later...

Righty ho....


I fly on Tuesday! :speechless:


It has somewhat crept up on me, and I haven't quite twigged that I'm going yet....


I'm going to be staying in Brooklyn - Greenpoint, I think? My local landmark appears to be a water treatment plant, but who cares?!

My plan, I think, is going to be to visit Steps, Peridance, and Ailey. I'd love to do more, but it would be good to possibly take more than one class in one place, and I only have just over five days....


On Stage Dancewear have been emailed, do indeed - as Miss Clara says, carry Suffolks, and tell me I don't need an appointment to have new pointe shoes fitted.


I'm also told there is a comedy festival next week, and the Book of Mormon is in town so should be fun...... Gutted, thought, that there is no ballet being performed anywhere in the city! I even tweeted the NY ballet to check :( Seems I hit Nutcracker rehearsal season....


Didn't know when I booked either, that it was going to be the week leading up to elections (Your elections last for absolutely ever........ Over here, Parliament dissolves, six weeks later, done!) so that's certainly going to be..................... interesting. :ninja:

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