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NYC drop-in class for 11yo


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My apologies if I've missed an existing thread. I searched for every key word I could think of and found threads for adults but not children. DD has one year of pointe experience under her belt and really just wants to take a single class while we're on vacation in NYC to be able to say she's done it.



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We went to Broadway dance center last year with DD nine at the time. They will not guarantee ahead of time that they will let them take the class if they are under 12, but it will be up to the teacher whether they let them join a class or not. I would call or email ahead of time and ask which teachers are more amenable to letting the younger kids take class and then make sure to go when one of those teachers is teaching a beginner level class. I think mine took two or three classes the week she was there and absolutely loved it. Steps on Broadway is the other one to check. I can't remember if they said definitely no on the younger kids or maybe they just didn't have any appropriate classes running when we were there.

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An old male Russian teacher refused to teach my dd at Broadway dance center, a younger woman let her take a class. Definitely call ahead.

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Steps has lots of drop in classes at the intermediate level. There is a large range of ages with maybe 10 or 11 at the youngest range. Of course those kids are pretty advanced for their ages so you just have to assess if this level would be ok for you child.

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My 12 year old DD was able to take several classes at Steps the week before I dropped her off for her SI. They asked her about her dance experience before they recommended a class. After taking her first class, they were able to suggest what other classes she could take. She absolutely loved it there.


And as a side note, Gigi's Cafe which is just about a block away is a great place for lunch afterwards ;-)


Have fun!

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Broadway dance center has an all level pointe class during the summer. It's packed solid with kids. But I'm sure your daughter could take there, because it literally is all levels. The teacher stresses that everybody is an individual and that there's no shame in taking off one's pointe shoes at some point during the class. I took it this week and I was highly impressed with the exercises given.

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Steps has lots of drop in classes at the intermediate level.


But at Steps, I'd recommend a 10/11 yo child starting with one of the Advanced Beginner level classes. Ms Kathy Sullivan has a reputation for being very welcoming of young children in her classes, and she offers pointe after a technique class. It's not just the level of technique that is the issue with young children in open/adult classes: it's the level of maturity & ability to fend for oneself in a very different environment from regular studio classes.

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Thanks, everyone.


Good point, Redbookish, about maturity and the ability to fend for oneself in a different environment. DD11 is a poised young lady -- I could take her a four-star restaurant and not worry about her behavior or manners -- but she can be quite hesitant about going into new environments alone. Which, in general, is probably a good thing. :)

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By the way, STEPS says that open/adult classes are for ages 12 and up. "* Minimum age for all adult and professional classes is 12 with teacher approval"

From their website, in the rates and regulations.

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