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Where would you recommend for classical ballet?


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We want to relocate, and are considering a place in Carmel, Indiana. But we are still wide open. Our son takes ballet with someone who graduated from Vaganova. We feel the instruction is great, but would like to relocate for personal reasons. We mostly would just like to stay in the US. We do not have to stay in the US, but obviously, that would be easiest. We would also rather not live our lives around his training. We planned to relocate anyway and would like to be able to accommodate his needs. Thank you!

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LJens, it is BT4D policy not to make specific recommendations for individual dancers or for specific programs. We do encourage members to review the pertinent "Finding a Pre-Pro Ballet School" threads (the forum is arranged alphabetically by State--or country--so it is easy to review geographic areas you are interested in: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showforum=155


Additionally, we do have a Forum dedicated to the residential as well as the larger and more well-known day programs, again arranged alphabetically, where members share information based upon their first-hand experiences with the program: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showforum=147


Your request is really very, very broad by the end of your post. I would suggest you pull up a chair and your favorite relaxing beverage and review the pertinent threads that interest you in the linked forums. Feel free to ask questions on the applicable thread to gather more information. Once you have some programs in mind, perhaps do a Search in the Parents of Boys forum to see if there is additional information relevant to boys that members may have discussed here only.

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LJens - We are from that area of Indiana (but have since moved for our son's ballet training). I will go post in the "Finding a Pre-Pro Ballet School" to give you and your son some ideas.

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The finding a pre-pro section has been helpful. I just worry about the part where they are not being specific to boys. And some posts mention style, but most do not. Specifically, want a school with boys, and specific to Vaganova. The school in Carmel looks good. There is one in DC, and one in Denver that looks good. If we only have those three places in the country to choose from to live in, then it will be Carmel. Which is fine. My husband was born there, lol.

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There is also a school in Boca Raton, FL. Vaganova specific with a strong men's program, academics and housing. A high school diploma is included at the end of the course of study.


I believe there is a Vaganova specific thread.

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LJens, you don't say how old your son is, I just wanted to mention that my DS trained Vaganova in the USA until graduation and is now at the Vaganova Academy in St Petersburg, and he says his one regret is that he didn't apply to go to Russia at 16, instead of waiting until he was 18.

Of course educational qualifications are also important, so I don't entirely agree with him (I don't think he would have ended up with any qualifications if he'd gone at 16). I just thought it was worth a mention for future consideration :)

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