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So many serious ballet dancers have tiny small and long legs.
Unfortunately, my thighs and calves are larger than I want them to be, and my legs are not long at all. My torso is long.

However I used to have the skinniest thighs, as did my mom in her teenage years. Yet as years went by, my thighs have gotten bigger and I am really looking for a good and efficient way to slim them up. Why did they get so much fatter?

As for my calves, I believe it is all muscle.



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Forgot to mention that : My upper body is VERY small , including my stomach, arms and breasts. My calves are muscular but my thighs are just so fat and big. It makes me so self conscious.

I have been dancing since I was a toddler and dance up to six days a week now.

I already have long torso and short legs and having these legs will only hurt me further. (in a world where companies want this ideal ballet body)

Even at my summer intensive auditions, everyone had such long skinny legs and I really want to do something about mine.

Anything helps, thank you

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Pinkinu, those are questions we cannot answer. The subject of weight is taboo here, and without seeing you there is no way to answer your questions of why and what to do about it. You cannot change structure and body proportion.


Topic closed.

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