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Working with inner thighs


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From tendu to developpe, how do you properly use your inner thighs for everything?

I know that a ballet dancer should use their inner thigh for many ballet steps but how do you make sure you are using the right muscles, and make sure that you are not making other parts of the leg larger and unnecessarily more muscular?

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While one's body type and muscular structure are basically determined by genetics, over development of muscles is caused by incorrect usage and over usage. In ballet this means that working with correct alignment, weight placement, and knowledgeable, careful training which teaches one how to lift out of the legs, use ones best rotation, articulate the feet, line, shape, usage of the upper body and head and eyes, and coordination of all of these things in movement! Knowledgeable training would also include structuring classes which build strength without over usage of any muscles. (Example: slow and long-held extensions before one has achieved the things listed above, or maybe way too many grand battement at one time.) Incorrect alignment and weight placement causes muscles to "grip". Muscles need to be used, not gripped.


It comes down to the teaching, and to the ability of the student to learn and understand what is being taught. :)

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