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Black Leotards


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Hi everyone.

I'll soon be leaving for my summer intensive in Amsterdam but I have realized that I don't have any black leotards, which are usually required for the final performance. The problem is i can't find the right style for my body type. Do you have any suggestions? I definitely need a pretty high cut style as my legs are medium length but quite muscular, I have small waist and bust but my shoulders are quite broad and I look a bit weird in plain camisole leotards? I also tend to prefer open back leos. Thanks in advance?

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Juliet, we generally do not discuss leotards on the YD forum, so I'm going to make a suggestion and then close the topic.


You must have some leotards that you like, and that are well suited to your physique. Check the labels on any of those leotards and then surely you will be able to find the same style in black. :)

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