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Anyone have their fall schedule and placement yet?


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Wondering if anyone has their fall schedule and placement yet? Our school is does a great job teaching, but admin stuff not so greast. They are still working through placement. Most students are at the home school SI so I overheard they are still checking groups out.


Schedules were meant to be up July 1, but this likely won't happen until the end of the month. Last year the upper levels did not get until a couple weeks before the term began and after the first tuition payment was due! :whistling:


DD took two huge leaps in levels the past 2 years, so she's very curious what this year will bring. I have two DKs (11, 13) so I am more wondering what tuition will be and any scholarships, and IF I will have a day off driving at all next year :yucky: .


Anyone get their placement and schedules yet? Does your school deliver them later than promised too or are you all set?

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Wow, I was just considering posting to ask if anyone else was anxiously awaiting the fall placement and schedule announcements! Ours are due out mid-July, so any day now. This past year, several of DD's contemporaries were jumped up a couple of levels, and she was not. DD is on the young end of her grade, and definitely needed t develop more physical strength, so we understood her placement. We made a big effort to focus on her, and what she needs, as opposed to where she is relative to other dancers. On the other hand, it was a bit hard to understand why some of the other dancers had been allowed to jump levels.

Fast forward to this summer, and DD just finished her studio intensive. There were several instructors who are not regular teachers at her studio.Most of the dancers who had been skipped ahead of her during the year were in her level at the intensive. She and I both received very positive feedback about how well she did, and she had one of only two featured roles in the end of intensive performance. I am not sure if her success at the intensive was due to her studio recognizing her growth, or due to the presence of the outside instructors. So we are anxious to see her schedule to see if her studio recognizes her progress. We have friends who had a similar experience in the past, and their daughter ended up skipping multiple levels all at once, after feeling like she was held back a year.

I know these tween years are tough as dancers develop physically at such different rates.

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August...sometime. Always late. Always terrible on the administration side. We didn't know which Nut shows she would be in until like 10 days before opening night :P (I have a "let it goooo, let it gooo" Frozen style attitude towards the business end of things because I would drive myself crazy if I got upset at the million things they flub on)

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I was just wondering the same thing. We piece together our schedule every year b/c DD is not committed to a particular studio. I always like to have everything figured out by August because my son plays football and we try to work around his games. What's crazy is that Nutcracker audition dates are posted before Fall schedules. It's amazing how quickly the summer goes by and that we're almost back to school and routine!

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No and kind of...I have seen the schedule of classes for fall, but it has not been officially announced. I have no idea what DD's level will be. Last year she was moved up a level in March, so we knew there was no way she'd move again by fall, and it made it easy. This year she is hoping to be moved up, and some of the girls in the lower levels were moved up heading into summer, but apparently the last week of summer classes at the studio is going to be used as the official placement week. I suspect the studio may use this method to encourage attendance at summer classes.


In any case it causes a bit of a dilemma in our case because whether DD12 moves up or not dictates whether I have to find extra carpool help and a sitter for DD5, so we may have some last-minute scrambling.

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I believe the main class schedule will come out this Friday. We've only been at the ballet school for a few months so I don't know how level promotion announcements are made but I don't think my daughter will be moving up. Most students spend more than one year per level and the next level appears to be beyond her current abilities.


We do know which level of the pre-professional program she was accepted to, though, so I do know a little bit of her schedule (and the tuition, yikes!)

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Oh wow this is interesting. I thought our school was just slow, but this seems to be the norm.


On one hand I am glad of the delay because I know they are trying to place very carefully and I wouldn't want them to rush it. On the other hand, I am also worried about car pools, driving, and logistics because this dance thing dictates everything in my life pretty much come fall, LOL.


DCDancemom, that must be nerve wracking. It's like trying to read the tea leaves with features in dances (or not) and teacher feedback, etc. We do that. From what I see, those that stick it out eventually end up together anyways in the highest senior level, just some arrive at different times. I cross my fingers for your DD!

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Thanks nynydancer. I should add that quite a bit of my anxiety is related to carpools and fitting it all into my work schedule! DD and another dancer her age from the studio will be going to the same school in the fall. I hope they will be in at least some of the same classes so that we can car pool. I am always a bit behind in arranging car pools or hiring someone to drive her to dance because even after schedules are given out, there is always a period of sampling the first few weeks before schedules are finalized. But if I had a schedule, at least I would have a starting point for planning.

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As a planner myself I understand where you're coming from DCDancerMom. My son will get his driver's license in about a year and I've already informed him he's my emergency backup plan. Good luck with the carpool schedules!

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Our dancers receive their placement the last week of spring semester classes and the fall schedule was posted this week. I can't believe how quickly the summer is flying by! It will be back to the school year routine before I know it.

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We have received DD's placement and the schedule on June 1st. Yes, we are that lucky :). Otherwise we would go nuts trying to schedule the rest of her activities!

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Our placements and schedules came out in early June and I thought we were late! With "only" two kids and not working, arranging schedules isn't that crazy for me, but I still like to know as soon as possible.

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She was given her placement when she auditioned for SI, but the fall schedule isn't out yet. Our studio is going through huge changes with two of our best teachers probably not coming back. :(

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Placements were sent in May for us. Fall schedules followed soon after as well as never ending drama over placement. Why can't we all just dance and be happy? Why do people have to get so hysterical over placements? :yucky:

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Wow - so many of you get placements/schedules nice and early! The last two schools my dds have attended have always been very late to issue placements and fall schedules. We've been lucky to get them 2-3 weeks before the fall semester starts. :glare:

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