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Guest marcos_83

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Guest marcos_83

I was wondering :confused: , if someone can tell me about sites on the web that have men's dancewear. If they have a catalog or something it will be more easier. Where I live (PR) is very difficult, almost impossible :mad: to find dancewear and ballet shoes. I have tried "Dance Discount Supply" but S&H is very expensive and I wanted to try some other options. So, if you have internet links, names of stores, addresses or something, PLEASE let me know. Thanx in advance. :D

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Marcos, have you checked www.danceart.com? I haven't checked for men's dancewear, but I believe they have commercial listings, and they're a good "center" for dance on the web.


The guys here, of course, will know of some, I'm sure.


Also, be sure and check the Archives and the threads that are still readable, but hidden on this forum. (Use the pulldown menu at the toppish right of the board; you can expose all the posts on the forum. I think this topic has come up before.)


Good luck!

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Thanks, Alexandra; so what about it, guys? Anybody have any favorite sources for men's dancewear?

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The best results I've had have been with New York Dancewear. I believe it's www.nydancewear.com. They were promt and efficient with my order.


I also tried Riversedge. Not sure of the web address. I had problems, but it wasn't their fault. The manufacturer mislabled a pair of tights the wrong size. While they were great about customer service, it's been almost two months and I have yet to receive the replacement pair.



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Guest Andrew

I actually like Discount Dance supply. They have always come through with my orders. It helps to call the 800 # rather than order online, you get to talk to a live person and my last order came in 3 days. They also have awesome prices. You're going to have to pay S&H with any company and they're all pretty much the same. If you go into a real dance shop you'll be shocked at how the prices so high, too! link:http://www.discountdance.com/


Also, River's Edge is :



They have the biggest selection of Men's I think.


More links:






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Guest raven_boy

I like Dance Distributors (1-800-33-DANCE)because I can sometimes get shipments from them within a couple of days. I don't pay extra, I just live close to where they ship from.

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NY Dancerwear is the place to go for me. People are really nice and the prices are really good. Talk to Ben if you can. I used to have the same problem. But this place helped me out a lot.



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I was browsing through the links... Since i plan on opening a shop that sells men's dancewear I have run into a couple of other companies that do sell and manufacture mens dancewear. I hope these links help.





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Mic, the sites PSA provided above aren't there for the pointe shoes, but for the menswear sections of the sites. Pointe shoes are sometimes tried by male dancers, with greater or lesser success, with an aim to improve or strengthen their feet once they've got the necessary technical credentials to use them.

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Males doesnt need pointe shoes !??

Have I missed a important part of my training then?

All I have seen of males using pointe shoes, was in a very special ballet, where the men danced female roles, and the girls danced male roles...

I was actually very impressed of the girls, lifting the heavy mens!!! biggrin.gif


-Henrik, Norway

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Men don't really need pointe training, Henrik, but I dare say most of us have tried it at one time or another, if only to see what it's like.


Now as to the girls being able to lift the boys, think of that the next time you have to do a lift with a girl. If she's well in control of her own body, and your timing is just right, the lift will seem to "float" right off the floor! If you have partners who seem to be saying, "OK, lift me!", then you have my undying sympathy! wink.gif

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