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Sitting down gracefully


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In my upcoming recital I am the first one that comes on stage.


I am meant to stroll along holding a book and sit down gracefully. I then open the book and look at the pages (also gracefully, I guess). I am wearing pointe shoes, if that makes a difference.


My question is, how do I sit down while looking graceful? It would also help if my final seated position does flash my undies to the audience.

Can anybody recommend a video showing a ballerina doing this? I can't think of any ballets that have this in them.


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Presume you mean sitting on the floor? Easiest way that looks natural would be to go onto one knee, then two knees, sink towards sitting on heels and then sort of go sideways so that seat is on floor and legs curled to the side. You can use one hand on the floor to balance. This way you don't flash underwear. The classical way of going onto one knee and then doing a rond de jambe with the other leg as you sink could be perilous.

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But how does she get back up while looking graceful?

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I would just reverse the process to get up! You may need to use a hand to push up to be sitting with your bottom your your knees, then just (gracefully!) put one foot into a little kneel and then stand up. Use your front leg up into the kneel en croise and you should avoid too much exposure :) Best of luck with the performance!

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