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Update on DS ballet journey - 9 months in


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This board has been so helpful to me! I want to share something for any newbie ballet boy moms out there, of which I am still one! About 9 months ago, my now 13 y/o DS tentatively started taking ballet where my DD goes. He wanted to try it because I had been jokingly suggesting for years. I never thought he would. It felt like a dare.


So I signed him up for an intro class. The minute he saw himself in the ballet clothes he nearly cried. It was so strange for him! I dragged him out the house because he was going to make DD late for her classes, and we had made a special arrangement with a beloved teacher for the trial lesson.


After class he looked miserable, so I thought that was it. At least we tried! But he was upset because he didn't understand the ballet words. I thought he wouldn't take another lesson, but he kept going. I kept asking, are you sure? He did have some natural aptitude and the teachers took interest and offered him privates. He slowly graduated from a class of little kids to more challenging classes. He even signed a Nutcracker contract and was cast in a (mainly acting) role! As I have posted earlier, we did have some issues with teasing but that has calmed down. He stopped doing other activities in favor of ballet. I think he saw it as a sport. In fact I really wondered why he was even doing ballet. Was it to please me? To best his sister? I offered to let him quit often, but he said no. I think it was the challenge that kept him going.


He worked very, very hard. He started going to open classes during breaks. He did more privates. I was really baffled - why does he do this? Does he really like it?


Up until about May he would have never admitted to school mate that he did dance. Now he doesn't mind. He's a macho, tough looking kid so I guess that helps.


Now he is full in. It seems he found a "sport" that satisfies his love of working hard and sweating, but being artistic. He said his body is like the a drawing he is creating (he likes to draw), and he can express himself. I was like what? Huh? This is the kid I had to drag to his first class 9 months ago? He comes home so elated from his SI each day.


I found out that he will be placed in the level just below the Senior levels at our school, which is amazing. I think he accelerated so fast because his IS older and he doesn't have to mess with pesky pointe shows, along with some natural strength and flexibility. Privates helped a lot too. I also realize from this board that boys really have their own trajectory too.


He's still him, but he dances. He plays video games as much as ever, and eats hot wings without a napkin etc, forgets to put his clothes away. But ballet has complemented his life very well.


Just wanted to share that :)



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Great story. Thanks! If more boys would take the dare like your son did and stick with it long enough to find out what ballet is really about, there would be no gender imbalance in ballet at all. I hope you'll post more updates as he moves forward.

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Love that story, nynydancer! :)

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