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A reminder of Ballet Talk for Dancers ethos


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<moderator's hat on>

It's come to our attention that members of Ballet Talk for Dancers from the Adult Ballet Students section may have shared posts and conversations from forums here on other public sites. We're dealing with that privately. But we thought that we should remind posters of the "Fight Club" rule of Ballet Talk for Dancers.

What's posted on Ballet Talk for Dancers stays on Ballet Talk for Dancers.

That doesn't mean, of course, that we can't continue discussions here in real life - I often will say to a fellow student at my studio "We were discussing this on my ballet messageboard and ... "

But we ask that you DO NOT cut and paste posts here and repost or link to them directly on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, your own blog, or elsewhere. The reason this is such a well-known and well-respected site for good quality, safe information about the study of this wonderful art form is that we keep the discussions accurate, involving first-hand experience and information, with input from our very experienced Teacher-Moderators.

We are not like other areas of the internet full of pictures of overarched pointe shoes and oversplit legs! And our rigour is valuable. Please don't take it for granted, and please respect our requirement that privacy (and other poster's intellectual property rights to their posts) are respected. People can "speak" freely here because we don't allow threads or posts from threads to be reposted or repinned or regrammed elsewhere.

If we find members have done this, they will forfeit their membership of Ballet Talk for Dancers.

Thanks for respecting the ethos of this site.

OK, now I'm back to being an elderly dancer with sore glutes from last night's class.

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Thanks for the clarification of the rules. While I do talk up Ballet Talk a lot in person, I haven't posted any material or links (I have on rare occasions sent a link to an individual such as to our chiropractor/physiotherapist to help him understand the logistics of pointework as he was helping DD with a medical issue).


But I do have a question about it. Of course I'm not going to cut and paste anything elsewhere. But no links? So I couldn't post a link to one of the pinned posts about readiness for pointe or suggested training hours by age to the FB group for our ballet school, for example? The people I sent it to would be coming directly to this site and reading everything in context with full attribution. If an area requires creating an account, they would still have to do so to read it.


In general, internet "netiquette" says links to any publicly available page are fine, it's "reposting" you need permission for. While I'll adhere to the rules of this site, "no links" is an unusual request. Now, this is a discussion board with lots of sensitive material, so yeah, no links to personal stuff, sure. But what about the front page? Or the pinned posts? Or other factual or dry discussions?



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Giving friends, teachers, other dancers and parents you know, information about the existence of our site and how to find it, is fine, of course. However, once a link to a specific topic or post is posted on another public site, anyone could see it, copy it, and paste it somewhere else. A link would not get them to any topic on a members only forum, like the ones that cannot be seen by guests, but I think it could get them to topics on other forums. Not sure, but if so, that is not acceptable. Posts by our members are intended for our members, and must not be removed and posted anywhere else!


Posting a link to Ballet Talk for Dancers won't get them too far, but just telling them about is better because it is SO easy to find! Just Google Ballet Talk. :)

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