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DD came out from her second week of her four week SI and said she got front and center in one of the choreography. The other one she is in the front line not center though.....but she is thrilled! We are assuming that she is dancing well and that the teachers think she is also a good dancer in order for her to be placed there. But since I've no previous experience in dance I can't be sure. Our old school had everyone take turns in the front line for every performance. Her current studio doesn't have showcases....and observation days never include choreography. I'm thinking that there must be other factors involved like height symmetry. If there are teachers out there that can give me some insights to how they place the dancer, I'd really appreciate. I know it must seem obvious to others that it's a good thing but I don't want DD to get too excited if it's not that big of a deal. Thanks!

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Enjoy her placement,. Let her enjoy her placement. Choreography has many working parts. Enjoy it how the choreographer presented it and don't worry about the whys and why-fors and it will be a lovely ride for you both. :thumbsup:


It really is not necessary --or useful--to try to deconstruct everything into deep 'what does this placement in a piece mean for my dk's position in training'. Just let her enjoy it---wherever it may be.

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Agree with dancemaven-- just enjoy! FWIW at our school, front and center usually seems to mean 1) the kid is being featured, especially if they have different choreography, or 2) are being entrusted to lead the line, or 3) they are short!

That's just what I have observed, and I am not a teacher. Congratulations and enjoy!

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I am a mom of an over 13 (14 yrs) so remove if needed but I could not agree more with Dancemaven.


Being front and center means that for this piece, at this point in time, with your DD's current level of training and artistry, with this collection of dancers, the needs of this choreography, and this teacher's opinion, your DD was best placed front and center. (Notice how specific it all is?)


I have gotten so far ahead of myself sometimes over interpreting all kinds of things.


A compliment in class is a compliment in class, not a promise of year round training. Winning a dance competition is winning a dance competition not a short cut to a corps contract, or guarantee to go to a final round competition. n SI scholarship is an SI scholarship not a promise of a traineeship.
Being featured at an SI performance is being featured at an SI performance. (I have seen kids at SIs featured for the following reasons--top kid in a low level, height, unusual talent, skill with the specific steps in the choreography, appeasing a mom who complained about level placement, daughter of the teacher, fits a costume.) My point here is not to diminish the honor or suggest that it is not due to talent, technique, hard work, and artistry but only to suggest that other things could also come into play.


The people making compliments, giving SI scholarships etc, are doing just that, nothing more.


It's a big deal for now and YES celebrate THIS! But don't infer that it is anything else and don't give your DD that impression because it can feed into an entitled perspective (and I have made that mistake).


Everyone's experiences are different but my observation is that rejection, being overlooked, not being good enough, not getting the part, etc. are all going to occur.

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Definitely tell your daughter to enjoy her time being front and center. If it is a piece previously staged then yes, it might have a significance. If it is a newly choreographed work, more likely it is symmetry and height.

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