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Dumb question: how much break time between pointe & technique


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I have a newbie question! Typically at our school, pointe directly follows technique with a 15 minute break for getting pointe shoes on. This is what DD had last year, and it was the same this summer.


But in the fall schedule I see one of the days has an hour break between technique and pointe. I love our little school, but sometimes they make little errors in admin stuff. I also know they have grown very much in terms of students and are running out of studio space.


Does this sound like a mistake or is it perfectly normal to have an hour break between technique and pointe? I don't want to say anything if it's totally normal to have a break of an hour between technique and pointe. And if it is normal, is there something DD should do so she stays ready for pointe class?


Thank you






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I think I might first ask the school director. If it was not a mistake, then there is probably a logistical reason for the delay. It's not totally normal, but certainly not unheard of either. She could much of the time doing homework or maybe watching ballet videos or even read a ballet book, and then a few minutes before the pointe class do a bit of re-warming up and stretching, especially the feet, get her shoes on and be ready!


(And there are no dumb questions when one wishes to learn something! :))

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Okay thank you Victoria, this is helpful! Okay I will ask- it might have been a typo. But appreciate the suggestions very much!

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