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Muscle soreness and technique


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I'm not sure the validity of this, but...


On the second day of a SI, everyone was sore and my teacher went around the room asking where everyone felt the most sore. After everyone had shared, she said "So only 2 people correctly used their turnout". She then explained what our soreness meant: a sore neck means we're trying hard and tensing too much, sore back means we need to strengthen, sore calves means we haven't been using them in a while and they need work etc., and this part I found most interesting: sore quads could mean we're not properly using turnout! My teacher says ideally, turnout comes from the hips, inner thighs, "butt" muscles (the people who were properly using turnout were the two with sore bums) etc, and not the quads. My quads were really sore! I know properly using turnout is something that is always very emphasized by my teachers and on this forum, but what a difference finally "feeling" and *understanding* how one should properly use (and not use) their muscles vs. just "knowing" how, can make. I really had an epiphany that day!!!


I'm not really sure what my question is... I just thought that was really interesting!

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Not unusual for dancers to be sore at the beginning of an intensive program, especially if they have had a good bit of time off prior to the start of the program. It is a really good thing when you learn something so important so quickly. Sometime it is just a matter of teacher saying and showing things that you have learned, but saying them in a different way that really clicked with you. One of the good things about SI programs!

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I'm currently sitting on two bags of ice trying to ice my butt from soreness! I love SI programs and wish I could go to one, alas its too late!

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