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Hi everyone. I hope you all had a great summer!


I have a conundrum I was hoping you could help me with.


We are going to be splitting our time between Texas and Louisiana this year. Probably two weeks each month in each place.


My plan was to have my 8 year old go to two schools with ABT curriculums, but now the ABT school in Texas has lost its studio and is no longer teaching her level :(


The school in Louisiana, however, offers class 3X a week, though most kids only do one or two. I was thinking of having my daughter do 3X/week class while we are in Louisiana and just pick up 1/week of generic ballet at a comp studio in Texas (the only option since the ABT studio is in flux)


Can anyone think of any better options? I just don't want to set her up for failure since this is such a foundational year.

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First, what is WWYD?


Second, it's not ideal, but, for an 8 year old I don't think it's critical.

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Yes, sorry! What would you do.


Thank you for the response. That makes me feel a lot better. My daughter is quite shy so I'm having lots of anxiety putting her in a situation that's not standard, but I figure overcoming and making things work is a good lesson for both of us.

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Thank you, dancemaven. I kept trying to relate it to Young Dancers! :)

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