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Guest alliecat93

I was wondering what you opinion is on where I should continue my training in the fall. I want to be a professional ballet dancer and I'm 14.


Studio 1- The classes are VERY intense and I feel I get a lot out of each one. Class is very technically hard and you need a LOT of endurence to make it through classes. I would be in 2 different levels for a toltal of 6 ballet classes a week with pointe at the end of each one and one seperate pointe class a week. The teacher is strict and works us hard, but I've noticed she also seems to spend a lot of one on one time with me after classes and gives me good corrections during class. The classes are all 1hr 30 mi. This studio have produced 2 professional ballet dancers.


Studio 2- This studio is considered pre-pro and has produced about 12 pro ballet dancers. The training is good, but it's not as intense. At studio 1 after class is done I am (and the rest of the class too) so tired I just have to sit down, but here I can take 2 or 3 classes in a row and not be that tired at all. It is at the same level of difficulty technique wise. I would be in the level that meets 5 times a week, but for 3 of those classes I would have this teacher who I can't really understand (she's from Russia I think). I would have 3 technique classes and 2 pointe classes a week. All classes are 1hr 30 min. The other 2 teacher I would be having are very good teachers.

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Very difficult for me to know, alliecat. If I could see the classes, I could probably tell you in a few minutes, but even though your descriptions are good, it's just not enough for me to be able to help you from here. Sounds like there are several pros and cons to both places in terms of schedule. Actually, I'm not thrilled with the schedule at either place, in that the classes are all only one and a half hours instead of technique for an hour and a half and then pointe for an hour following the tech. classes on some of the days. At the upper Intermediate and Advanced levels, one and a half hour classes are the minimum time required for technique alone, so, if the pointe is within that time, you are not getting a full technique class. At the other school it sounds like there are only 3 technique classes and 2 pointe classes a week. So, neither one is optimal.


As for the Russian teacher, you would get used to that and learn to understand her in time. I don't think that is a crucial criteria for decision. Ultimately you must decide which place offers the best training overall, and which one is giving you what you need at this point in time.

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