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I have a little problem I really want to soulve, but i dont really know the best ways of soulving it!

I need to get more flexible (i dont know the exact english word, hope you understand my question)

I cant go all down in a split, and I feel my legs need to get longer...


Do anyone know a good solution, even though i didnt know how to spell the question??

Hope you guys understood it!!!

thanks smile.gif

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Making the legs longer is not an option, Henrik - sorry. It's your skeleton, and you have to make the best use of it that you can.


Using the legs in a manner that makes them appear longer, however, is entirely doable. The legs must produce the longest line possible, given the limitations set by the bones. This means that there should be a feeling of the flow of energy all the way up from the bottoms of your feet to beyond the top of your head, and down into the floor, as if you are a tree with roots. In arabesque, or other extended positions, this feeling of the flow of energy must extend outward from your center (around the solar plexus) and trail off into space from the extended leg.


As to stretching - by all means keep stretching! The only way to get more flexibility is a slow, well-reasoned process of making the muscles more pliable and stronger at the same time. Just be very careful only to stretch when you're well warmed up. Cold stretching of a vigorous nature can cause injuries! frown.gif

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hehe, streching was the word i was looking for... And by making legs longer, i ment the muscles.. funny how language can alter the originally meaning! biggrin.gif

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