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en pointe question


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I had my first pointe class today :)
One question: what is the proper way to releve from e.g. 1st position? I saw some students jumping a little to get on the box.
What i did is that I just rolled my ankles; almost like in slippers but there's that little piece of extra work with pointe shoes to get on your toe tips.


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There are two ways to do it. One is the roll up and the other is a slight spring action from the demi plié. It's not a jump, but the toes move in under the heel instead of the heel moving to under the toes. The teacher should specify, especially with students new to pointe, which action they are using. Ultimately you will need to learn both actions. :)

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Nope! They are both relevés if they come from the plié. If you just rise to pointe from straight legs in first it would be called elevé.

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