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Pas De Deux rehersal time


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Question for those of you that have done a lot of partnering work. On average about how many hours might get spent on learning and polishing a fairly simple (as in no lifts) 2 minute pas de deux piece before performing it. 3 hours 6, 12 more?

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Kini, that would depend a great deal on the ability of the dancers. If they are technically capable and have worked together before, it could take way less time than if they are new to partnering and new to each other. No way to put a set number of hours on something like this without knowing the dancers. It will also, of course, depend a lot on the difficulty of the choreography.

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Thanks Victoria. I just saw a partnering video from an adult workshop where we learned and rehearsed a piece in 3 hours over three days. I have some experience (practice dummy for beginning students) she had none. I was less than happy with what I saw. Awkward, clumsy, poor timing and not very impressive.


I didn't take the time to watch her :lol:


Made me wonder how long pros and semipros take to learn and polish a simple piece. In other words I was feeling sorry for my self when I made my original post. :wink:

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Let's just say it takes many, many hours, even for pros, and certainly more for pre-pros. :)

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Sometimes, it depends on if the piece is already familiar too. I find it much easier to refresh myself with a piece I've done before in the past, like Diana and Actaeon or something, rather than learning something completely new and unfamiliar. To be honest, learning something in a different version with the same familiar music is even harder for someone like me than it is to pick up something brand new.

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Both have to rehearse, her balance needs to be spot on. I've had partners that could not balance and thought I was their Barre.

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When I used to dance Pas De Deux, we would usually spend about thirty minutes per day on a two-to-three minute routine for about three weeks. However, they were simple routines.

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