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Dream come true


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I cannot believe it... but sometimes it's good to live in one of those single party run countries, because today (on the 90th anniversary of F. Castro), I got to meet VIENGSAY VALDES!!! In person! I got photos, and she's amazing, and she's beautiful, and so stunning, and so strong, and she can balance forever and ever, and I'm still all a flutter from getting to meet someone I thought I would never in my life get to see perform in person!

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Wow - I saw her dance in London a few years ago and was totally captivated, such personality and performance supported by amazing technique.

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Her personality on stage really does start a fire! She burns it up with how vibrant and flamboyant she is. Her balance is so incredible too! I loved the way she could hold a balance in arabesque forever and a day!

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Wonderful! What a lovely & exciting experience. There is nothing like a live performance.

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Yay! So glad for you. I am looking forward to meet her too. We'll get a performance here in Phnom Penh on the 27th of August. I have my VIP seats reserved.

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Hopefully your stage there will be better than ours.

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It is not too bad. I've danced on it before, but it's a raked stage.

Also the ceiling is low, making anyone on the stage appear gigantic. When the Korean National Ballet performed there they looked like they were all 10ft tall.

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So, when Patricio Reves and Viengsay Valdes came to Cambodia they stayed at the hotel of my boss at the radio, and they used one of the studios I regularly use for their rehearsal. I was lucky to be allowed in.

Me and another dancer I asked them if they minded if we watched their rehearsal, and then Viengsay asked me if we wanted to do barre with them. I almost peed myself I was so shocked and excited.

I am thrilled I got to do barre with them, but boy did I feel inadequate. I felt like a potato at the barre. Completely out of place and inadequate. But they were focused on their work so I think they didn't pay too much attention to me.


I never expected this would happen, but yeah this was a dream come true for me too. Wow.

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I also have a great ballet experience but in my case it wasn't a dream come true because I never imagined it would happen, it just did and it was incredible!

In April, me and some ballet friends decided to travel to London for a few days and watch Mayerling by the Royal Ballet with Edward Watson.. We knew that Andre Uspenski, former ROH dancer and now photographer of the company, was having his first exhibition those days and we wanted to see it so we sent an email to the organisation asking where we could buy tickets for it and they invited us to a private view. We went there to find that we were among some ballet dancers like Leo Dixon, Valentino Zucchetti and Sander Blommaert, and missed Steven McRae for a few minutes. We asked if they would sign our book and take a picture with us, and they did! Sander is such a great guy, he talked with us for a long time and suggested us watching the rehearsal of Mayerling by a different cast than the one we would see at the show for which we had tickets. We said that would be great but we didn't think that was possible because that would probably be a private rehearsal. So he just pointed to a woman and said "ask her for tickets, she has them". So I did and the woman was so nice as Sander and she really gave us tickets for the rehearsal!!! So next day we watched Mayerling twice, in the morning with Steven McRae and with Edward Watson in the evening! And we waited outside the artist door, so we had the chance to meet Edward Watson, Alexander Campbell, Sarah Lamb, Zenaida Yanowsky and many other dancers.


It was my first time in London and this made the all journey unforgettable!


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