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Starting at a new studio

Lady Elle

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So my dd's home studio has been going through a big transition that can no longer support upper divisions so we have, over a bit of angst in choosing where to go, finalized our choice for training. Well today we went to our dance doctor regarding some ongoing foot pain that she has had since returning from SI and taking several intensive local workshops and she was diagnosed with a stress reaction and is in a boot for 3-4 weeks ?. She has her audition for the studio company this Saturday and Nutcracker auditions the weekend after Labor Day. This would be less concerning for her if it was at her studio that new her ability, but the new studio has not really seen her dance very much. She's pretty disappointed. However, she realizes that its good this was caught before it turned into a stress fracture and is more determined than ever to get this not only healed, but do those things necessary that will prevent it from happening again. So, with fingers crossed, she will have learned a very good lesson here in doing additional strengthening at home and being very intentional about her technique!


In trying to figure out why this happened this summer, the only thing she can think of is that the intensive at Lines had very little pointe work, maybe 4 classes the whole 4 weeks. When she came home she did a local intensive that had a few hours of pointe a day, 6 days a week for two weeks. Maybe she just lost some strength in some areas at the intensive and slammed back into it too quickly?

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No way to really determine that, Lady Elle. It could have started even at the previous SI but not developed enough to know it was there. But, it could be the lack of pointe work for 4 weeks, and then a lot of it. Best to just deal with it, let it heal, and then go back in carefully and slowly.

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Yes! Carefully and slowly for sure.

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I am a family doctor and I know this list does not allow people to give medical advice. This is an opinion that is not really addressing this specific injury but foot pain in general. I am not giving any advice on what to do in this situation but brainstorming on the question on what could cause foot pain when there was no previous issue.


I wonder sometimes if the girls aren't sleeping enough at summer intensives or staying up during the summer or school year for various reasons --are they up on their gadgets? are they up late studying? I believe restorative sleep and rest reduces all types of pain and aids the healing process.


Another possibility with some foot pain, is that it may not even be related to dance. Kids and adults who need one type of shoe but go around in flip-flops walking longer distance at an intensive may have a pain. One of my girls was walking around in fake Uggs at school all day during the winter and I believe that caused her pain and I thought it was dance related.


Your daughter's sounds more serious since it's prolonged and she had to wear a boot and it sounds like you have already sought medical care and have a treatment plan.

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Yes we have seen a doctor who speciaizes in ballet related issues. However, your suggestion about sleep is a really good reminder! I will talk to her about that as well, especially with school starting soon. Thanks for your input.

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