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I was wondering- What is the appropriate response of a parent when their DK auditions for, and is rewarded with, a coveted role? Especially when given a role over older and more experienced dancers, which is sure to cause some mixed feelings among the other dancers and their parents?

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I am the parent of an over 13 dancer, but I just wanted to share a couple of thoughts.


1) That your DD was chosen for the role, over older and more experienced dancers, simply means that your DD fit the choreographer/artistic director's vision. Period. Be careful not to read too much into casting. Sometimes one is cast because, aside from dancing skills, perhaps they fit the costume, are the right height or are more expressive on stage.


2) If you face jealous parents and students just smile and be humble. The dice rolled in her favor this time but that does not mean they will next time, so take it all with a grain of salt and A LOT of humility! Just because other's want to talk about it doesn't mean the you have to, so don't let your self get sucked in.


Congrats to your DD, I hope it proves to be a wonderful experience for her :-)

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Forgive me for giving the wrong impression, as this question does not stem from any personal experience, but merely a conversation that was overheard. :)

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DD12 does sometimes get some pretty nice casting. I try to be sympathetic to those who are disappointed and remind dd that just because she is "on top" in this one respect this one time doesn't mean that she won't be the one disappointed next time. Ballet is fickle.

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I simply reply "That was an artistic decision, if you have a question with casting I would address it to the AD/Assistant AD and perhaps they can clarify the situation for you." I then give a kind and sympathetic smile (and try to get the heck out of that area) :)

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