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Reviving this thread from last year: Has anyone auditioned yet/willing to share results?

DD11 auditions in a week and a half...then the waiting game begins.

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Nothing yet for my DD11. Classes start up again next week and then Nutcracker auditions are on the 23rd. She is starting pointe and still waiting for her fitting, so between these two things she is in ballet excitement heaven right now. I feel like I am in the calm before the storm.

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DD12 has a performance to get out of the way before we can even start thinking about Nut. Auditions are in a couple of weeks.

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Auditions are this weekend and then 9 days of "agony" (according to my dd11) as she waits for results. Hope is very high for a special role this year.

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Most of the ballet schools in our area have Nutcracker auditions this weekend, including the school my daughter attends. It is her first year at this ballet school so she's going in with no expectations and honestly, it is kind of nice.

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Oh, at my son's school they tell the kids right at the audition whether they have a part. But my DS (11) is a good half a foot too tall per the letter we got for party scene and has already maxed out on soldiers, so I'm not having him sign up for the audition. I spent three agonizing years at that event and I'm happy to not go back.

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We find out most results immediately as well. Last year there was a callback the next morning to sort out which girls were doing young Clara or under studying the role, but the girls were also cast in other roles so they knew they were in the show no matter what.

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We don't even know when auditions are yet, and what they will look like for DD12. DD5 will almost certainly be an angel. The little ones always are at our school and she's just delighted that it is finally her turn. (And that she'll get to be on stage at the same time as the SPF.) That's nice and easy. Everyone gets a part at our school, although inclusion in the party scene and all "special" roles are by audition, so not everyone makes it into the party.


DD12 has decided that she isn't going to audition for party scene this year (which they cast Clara from), since she feels she probably is out of the Clara running at this point, and she has already gotten to do all of the dances at the party.


She's actually not sure how things will go this year, since she is currently taking 2 days a week at her current level, where they pull from for things like the russian corps and battle scene, and the rest at the level above where they start casting in things like snow, waltz, and mirlitons. She's not sure which level she'll be cast with. I know if she had her way, she'd get to at least understudy snow so she can learn it. I thought having Clara behind us would mean that this would be a more relaxing time, but I guess not. The hard part is keeping her from speculating.

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Our studio is having their very first Nutcracker season ever this year (!), so we've moved from a very established production and aren't quite sure what to expect. Auditions were at the end of last year in June, so they knew how many students were interested and could start planning/preparing over the summer. Casting was out in late July. Rehearsals for Act 1 started this week after school. DD is floating on air to be cast as Girl Doll and a Snowflake.

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Mom de deux, students are able to choose what to audition for at yours? We don't get a say. You go in with your age group and they start with the youngest roles. You will either be sent out after they have decided for you or kept around to audition with the next group up, and so on. Nobody chooses what they audition for. It's all done at once.

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No mom2dancinggirls12, I was probably unclear. Sorry about that. While everyone gets at least one part, party scene is an extra role on top of your regular role(s) and has to be auditioned for. They cast Clara and Fritz off that audition, plus all party kids. It's an optional audition though, and only dancers at a couple levels of the beginner/intermediate levels have been invited in the past. She's gone the last couple of years to audition for Clara, and got to enjoy being a party child, but she's probably not going to go this year, since she's looking a bit tall and old to play a party child. The older looking dancers in the party scene don't get to do much dancing, they mostly act with the adults, or they are cast as maids/nannies. (Hope that clarified it.)

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At DD's studio, the girls on pointe have their audition this weekend, but DD won't have her Nut audition until the first week in October. The rehearsals start the weekend after her audition, so I don't think the wait to see the casting will be long. Her level is traditionally part of the battle scene in the first act and one of the candies/clowns for the second act. She would so love to be a party girl this year, but she will likely have to wait until next year and/or the year after that to get her turn.

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Auditions happened tonight for DD11 and DS13. Neither is hopefull. Both are the shortest in the classes. Everyone is telling DD she will be one of the Claras, and she's trying hard to not believe them. 10 days till castlist posted.

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Our audition was in July and rehearsals started a couple of weeks ago. DD10 is Fritz and a ginger lead, and DS6 is a baby doll and little mouse. DD is over the top excited, DS is a little overwhelmed, it's his first semester dancing. Fritz and Clara lead the baby dolls' dance, so I am very excited to have them both on stage together!


At our studio everyone who auditions gets at least one part, many get two, so there is not that much pressure. They're still on pins and needles waiting to find out what they got, though.

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