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Dancing Barefoot


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I have never danced barefoot, but some of the colleges I am looking at require dancing barefoot for the modern portion. Does that mean no foot undeez/thongs/bearpaws?


I might try dancing barefoot for some extra modern classes I'm going to start taking. How should I start practicing dancing barefoot? I have only tried dancing barefoot once. I'm mostly concerned about not having the full range of motion for turns and sliding.

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Airbell, I really don't think this is something to worry about now. When you audition for the college program, you will probably have a chance to find out. Go prepared. Take the undeez or whatever with you and simply ask if you are allowed to wear them! I would not expect a teacher to say no, especially to an incoming freshman who has never danced barefoot before. :)

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Hi there


Yes there is nothing to worry about dancing bare foot! In fact I prefere dancing bare foot then with shoes on. For some reason it makes me feel more confitable. But if you don't like it I don't think they would be annoyed with you dancing with foot thongs. I think they just want to see your feet! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Hope your audition goes/has gone well


Dark Horse Dancer XXX

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